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406, 2018

We Want You!

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Hello, fellow members of the SRM community! We are calling upon some of the talented members of the community to help us in the development of the Forbidden Love mod! We currently have a vast [...]

905, 2018

Dragon Child

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It’s not everyday you stumble upon a mod that gives you the chance of conceiving a fully functional child. Well, today we’ll be discussing one that gives you the cutest boy that we meet in [...]

2704, 2018

A Peek at the Process!

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The lead art directors, Hisane and Maki, are hosting a live stream tonight at 7:30 pm eastern time! Come check it out and see them work live on concept art for Cael’s armor. You can [...]

2704, 2018

Skyrim’s Witches

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‘ abomination abomination of woman and creature fused together.’ With the production of Forbidden Love coming underway, we must delve into the historic path of Skyrim’s Forsworn, an infamous group of people in the land [...]

1804, 2018

Join the Marketing Team!

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How did this post come to be? Why was it made? Simple answer: Marketing. This post is made for the same reason as all of our other posts, to market what we do, give you [...]

1004, 2018

Happy Birthday Christian Gaughf

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Being a part of our community, of course the name “Cael” will pop up from time to time. It’s only natural, he is a very popular character. But he would not be such a success [...]

2602, 2018

Forbidden Love Sneak Peek

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This land the Rudahan tribe calls home is filled with beauty, but still holds such danger; it is the price to pay for such a bountiful piece of Tamriel. Cael leads his clan well, guiding [...]

1602, 2018

Roleplay Party 2/17/2018

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You are all hereby invited to attend a Roleplay Party! It’s going to take place on Saturday 2/16/2018 (tomorrow) Cael - 8:00 am Pacific Time Casavir - 1:00 pm Pacific Time Bishop - "when he [...]

1402, 2018

Happy Valentines Day!

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Hello everyone, Happy Valentines to you, to the long time fans and the newcomers, to our amazing team, to Bishop, Cael, Casavir, and every other character of the Skyrim Romance community. Today is the time [...]

1102, 2018

Interview with Christian Gaughf

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This is a funny and entertaining interview with two of my favorite guys, Kris Takahashi's  author of Interesting Npcs and Christian Gaughf Lead Voice Actor and Lead Writer of Forbidden Love.  Without both I would not have [...]

2101, 2018

Forbidden Love Artists Needed!

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Greetings fellow artists!   Forbidden Love is in need of your help! We are looking to add some wonderful artists to our team that can help bring the world of Cael’s homeland to life, be [...]

1801, 2018

Donations for Website Maintenance

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Thank you so much for cheering us on all this time, it brings that much more passion into our projects. I’m sure plenty of the team members didn’t expect such a large amount of people [...]