Fast FAQ for Skyrim Romance 3.0

Troubleshoots you can do before asking for help

By Tava & Mara

This is a fast answer to some of the most commonly asked questions about

Skyrim Romance 3.0!

Please read all of it. Someone else has probably asked the same question and we’ve answered it already.

Troubleshoots you can do before asking for help

Did you follow the installation guide and watch the video?

It tells you all the mods you need to download and what order to put them in. It also includes links to get the required mods. All in one place. 🙂


Did you start a new game?

To best prevent glitches, it’s best to start a new save. Don’t add Skyrim Romance in mid-playthrough. Even if you already had all the required mods before installing, it can still cause bugs if you load an old save. Some characters may not acknowledge your existence and you may also get CTDs or ILSs. Save yourself the headache and start a new game.

Is it taking too long to get Bishop to propose or to have the baby?

The only thing I can tell you is PLAY THE GAME. There is at least 25 hours of gameplay added, at least that’s how long it took me. Take your time, Bishop needs to fall in love with you. Enjoy exploring Skyrim with him. His is a hard heart to win and he’ll fight his feelings for you every step of the way. This mod was meant to be played SLOWLY.

Do you use a follower mod like ATF or UFO?

Follower mods can sometimes mess with Bishop’s AI. If you are getting bugs with him, uninstall your follower mods and load a clean save. He wants you for himself anyway. XD

Where is Everyone?

Where is Bishop?

Holding up the wall of the Sleeping Giant Inn in Riverwood. 🙂

Did ya marry the Ranger already? Find him at the cottage!

Where is Karnwyr?

You need to rescue the pup from Cragslane Cavern. It is a small cave located north of Shor’s Stone.

If you’ve already rescued him, he should be at the Sleeping Giant Inn (or cottage if you have married Bishop). You can also use the “Summon Karnwyr” spell.

Where is Casavir?

You can find your knight in shining armor just inside the gates of Solitude. Look for the most handsome guy in the area. 😉

Where is Cael?

Cael has a new location in the southern regions of the Reach called “Cael’s Hunting Party” It is at a Dibella statue near-ish to Old Hroldan Inn. Don’t get intimidated by the group of Forsworn that surround him!

Where is Alec?

You can find Alec on the top floor of the Candlehearth Hall, the inn in Windhelm, surrounded by his adoring fans.

Where is Jack?

Solitude Docs. At the top of the stairs. You can’t miss him. 🙂

Where is Neeshka?

Bannered Mare, Whiterun.

Where is Darren?

You’ll see the mage hanging outside The Frozen Hearth in Winterhold. You don’t need to go to the college, just to the Inn. If for some reason he’s not there, you don’t have 3.0 installed.

Where is Raven?

Still hiding in the shadows in Riften by the player home, Honeyside.

Where is Thorn?

Go to Falkreath and ask Bishop. He will direct you.

Where is Arie?

You’ll find the lovely maiden inside the Bee ‘n Barb in Riften. Don’t talk to her before the proposal (or after the marriage) though, it might bug out. (at least it would in 2.0)

Marriage and Baby

How do you get Bishop to Propose?

Have you met everyone? You should meet everyone.

The mod takes a while to get through.  The romance puzzle is more complicated and difficult to achieve. Just play through the game and travel with Bishop to different locations and time zones. ie., certain conversations won’t happen unless it’s a certain time of day and/or night.

Marriage is a big step for our Ranger! Keep adventuring, go do some side quests and give Bishop time to work up his nerves!

How do you have the baby / advance the pregnancy?

The pregnancy is advanced through dialogue with Bishop. Keep talking to him. You should get a pop up letting you know that you are pregnant and another one whenever you advance.

I’ve exhausted all the dialogue and my pregnancy hasn’t advanced yet?

If your pregnancy hasn’t advanced, you haven’t talked to Bishop enough. You are not broken, nor are you doing anything wrong. Just keep talking, I promise it’ll be in there eventually.

The mod says I’m pregnant, but I don’t look like it? Is there something wrong with my body mod?

Nope! You don’t immediately start showing in real life, so you won’t in the mod either. Just keep advancing the pregnancy, and you’ll start showing. Promise. 🙂

Also, make sure that your body is HDT. Non-HDT bodies won’t show pregancy.

Why didn’t I get a maternity dress?

You are not pregnant enough. Advance the pregnancy and you’ll get it automatically.

How do you make Julian follow you?

What? No, Julian won’t ever follow you on adventures. He is just a kid and slaying dragons is dangerous. Be a responsible parent. lol.

Animation Questions

Animations aren’t working?

Make sure you updated FNIS and have the “Skeleton Arm Fix” selected. Make absolutely sure that FNIS is picking it up. How to do this go to…

C:\ProgramFiles(x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\skyrim\Data\tools\GenerateFNIS_for_Users folder and run the GenerateFNISforUsers.exe. Check the “SKELETON Arm Fix” box, then hit the “Update FNIS Behaviour” button and wait for it to process the animations. If FNIS isn’t registering SRM, you may have a bad download and need to re-install.

Animations are not lining up? (Bishop is macking with air, and Casavir is trying to fuse with me?)

Animations sometimes are not aligned and it just happens.  If it is a height problem you can change the height of your character to 1.0 to accommodate alignment to Bishops height for the kissing animations.  Sometimes the camera angle throws of the character’s direction off-setting the animation. Move the camera around and maybe even TFC before the animation starts. Re-running FNIS won’t hurt either.

Can’t select anything in the dialogue box?

If Bishop is stuck in “battle dialogue”, (Example: Don’t touch her, she’s mine!) Try smacking him upside the head and he should start acting right. He probably deserves it anyways.

How do you keep Bishop from turning invisible during the animations?

Vanilla Skyrim will make NPCs disappear sometimes. Your camera is too close. Zoom out a bit and Bishop should return. 🙂

SexLab animations are not working!!

Make sure FNIS is picking it up. Then go to the in-game MCM menu and install it from there. Make sure you check out GothicKitty’s Guide to SexLab Animations. It has a lot of great information and will help a lot.

I don’t want to see the sex animations, is there a way to avoid them?

The animations are only induced upon the DB’s choice of dialogue. If you don’t wish to see them, simply exit the dialogue when the option displays. Or go into the Sexlab MCM menu and disable animations. You could also just tell the Ranger ‘no’, he’ll get over it.

I kissed and/or had sex with Bishop and now my Dragonborn won’t draw her weapons and fight?

This is a very rare bug, not everyone will get it and those that do won’t get it every time you play an animation. All you have to do is save, exit Skyrim completely and continue your game as normal. You should be fine after that. Just do me a favor when you load back in and don’t tell Bishop that he’s so good of a kisser he can break your brain… His ego is big enough. XP

I’m Crashing when…

Let me introduce your two new best friends

Safety Load

Crash Fixes  ←- You MUST edit the .ini per the mod authors instructions for this to function correctly.

These two mods will help with crashes and ILS. They are life savers.

Also, turn your graphics down, you may be overloading your system with pretty.

I crash when I try on dresses inside the Jewel?

The dresses were made for the CBBE body type. Switch over to that and try again. 🙂 If that doesn’t work, re-install your skeleton because something overwrote it.  

Install CBBE & XPMSE again and replace all & run FNIS.  This is the fix for this crash.

My game is crashing / ILS when entering the ball?

If you are getting infinite loading screens going to the Ball or any other part of the mod then the problem is not the mod itself it is a problem with your Skyrim hanging on loading resources. This mod has some extra textures and meshes that can prove to be too much for your installation if you run other mods. This is a known problem with Skyrim and it’s memory-handling. Might I suggest uninstalling a few mods, especially those that are script heavy, and loading a clean save? If that does not work try the mod Safety Load.

I’m CTDing randomly all the time?!

You know, when my game is giving me a ton of issues I just delete my entire Skyrim folder directory and re-install everything again.

I can’t go to Riverwood! I keep CTDing?!

Did you install the Riverwood store that comes with SOS? Reinstall SOS without it and see if that helps. If not, remove some of your other mods, especially ones that affect Riverwood. Then load a clean save.


I have invisible body parts!

You have a one of two problems. Either a bad install, or a armor mod conflict. Try to re-download SRM, SOS, and CBBE (or the body mods of your choice) and re-run FNIS, then check your SexLab settings. If that doesn’t work, uninstall your armors one by one to find the one that is conflicting with your body. (Pauldrons and Greaves by Mopel is one that messes with CBBE #experience)

Why Is Bishop / My Dragonborn not naked?

You installed SOS / CBBE wrong. Re-install and make sure you don’t accidentally select underwear.

[Blank] is happening during the opening scene?

Not a SRM 3.0 bug, since this mod doesn’t do anything to the Opening Scene. But, you can get the mod Alternate Start – Live Another Life and still select the Vanilla opening if you like. It will let some of your mods load in before you play so the game isn’t trying to do 10,000 things at once. It’ll help.

Do I need Sexlab?

Yes, SexLab is a vital framework to make animations work and you MUST have it. Think of SRM like a DLC. If you don’t want to see the animations, turn them off in the SexLab MCM.

I’m flirting with Bishop but nothing is happening.

Turn on your subtitles and read it like a romance novel.

Bishop and Darren don’t fight.

If Bishop and Darren get into a staring contest instead of fighting, you need to reload a save from before meeting the mage. Take away all of Bishop’s weapons EXCEPT for his dagger and redo the scene.

I can’t get onto Jack’s ship! And his quest is not advancing!

You’re not supposed to get on the ship, all of Jack’s dialogue takes place just outside the ship at the end of the docs. You have to go through all of the dialogue between him and Bishop before the quest can progress. Just keep speaking with Jack if he gets stuck.

Why can’t I romance Casavir or Cael?

You aren’t meant to. Bishop is the center of Skyrim Romance. Casavir and Cael will be getting their own seperate mods later. You can check on the progress of CR: A Paladin’s Tale HERE. Cael’s mod, Forbidden Love, is currently on hold and will continue eventually.

Can I play a male Dragonborn?

Technically, yes. But all the new NPCs added by this mod will not recognise you as a male and use female descriptors. So, Bishop will still call you “Ladyship” and “Princess”

Does this mod work with Skyrim Special Edition?

Unfortunately no. SSE uses a 64bit system and SRM was written for Original Skryim, which uses 32bit. A port to SSE is unlikely since until SKSE64, SexLab, and all the other mods get updated, it will be impossible.

Known Mod Conflicts…

If you know of a conflict that is not listed, please let us know! Some of these will be minor, some of these may be game breaking, and some will be in between.

  • Open Cities – Removes city load screens and NPCs from SRM will not load into your game, since you don’t really enter a city.
  • Face to Face – Will knock off animations when the camera zooms in.