Yes, this post may come on the day of April Fools but I assure you, it is most definitely not.

With the announcement of monthly competitions on our new page comes not only the competition itself but an announcement as well.


For the absolute steal of an offer at $3 per 25 words, you may commission Bishop’s voice actor to record a custom line as Bishop for you and you alone. He may be contacted for it at 
However, the prize for our competition is to get one for free.


The competition is one of screenshots. You may submit a screenshot of your game and as long as the scene is romantic in nature and includes Bishop, it qualifies!
Examples, such as the image of this post, would be Bishop kissing your character, getting married, a steamy water scene, embracing, bleeding to death in his arms, etcetera. (OK, maybe not the latter.)

You can submit your screenshot in the replies of this forum topic: 

Screenshots will be judged by our team when the competition closes on the 29th of April and the winner announced on May the 1st from our Facebook page and in the replies.




  • It must feature Bishop and your player character.
  • No photo editing, it must be a raw screenshot from your game.
  • No screenshots of conversations with Bishop.
  • Mods, ENBs, etc, are allowed.
  • Only 1 submission is allowed per person.
  • No nudity or 18+ subjects.


  • To move the camera freely, enter “tfc” into the console while you are in third person. Alternatively, enter “tfc 1” to freeze the game as well. Enter it again to go back to normal player controls.
  • If the speed of the “tfc” camera is too fast for you, enter “sucsm 1” into the console or any other number up to the default speed, which is 5.
  • To disable the curser, compass, map markers, crosshair, etc, enter “tm” into the console. Enter it again to return everything.
  • F12 is the default key for capturing screenshots using Steam but if you have an ENB, the printscreen key will deposit one into your Skyrim.exe folder.
  • Install a poser mod to set up the characters for your screenshot, such as Puppeteer Master or Halo’s Poser Mod (18+ NSFW).
  • Troubles with the lighting on the characters’ faces? Facelight Plus lets you toggle that, both on your player character and any other NPC.
  • To increase the distance in which you can zoom in before things go invisible, enter “fov numberhere” into the console. Lower numbers let you zoom in more. “fov 0” returns it to default.


Good luck!