A year ago we asked you to ask the voice of Bishop questions. Many wenches came forward with their queries and on these dreary days of January your answers are coming forth… OK it was only a month ago but it was in the previous year! You can find the post containing the questions here: https://skyrimromance.com/srm-river-kanoff-qa/ But there is no need to refer to it as he very helpfully read out all the questions as he addressed them.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I must go and count how many teeth I have because a troll comment has now made me really curious… Not that I was the anonymous behind that question! *vigorous coughing session*

– AlassinSane

Part 1 in which the ass is the best:



Part 2 in which Nexus is addressed, the team are flattered funny females, RIP headphone users:



Part 3 in which voice acting is described, fake laughing is hard, there’s a plane, River does not rag:



Part 4 in which River gets high on burger fumes/NDAs/lovely things: