As promised, with the morning after the release comes not a hangover of excitement (well, that too then) but something from the human meat bag behind the nouveau voice of Bishop himself!

This is a Q&A but with the timeframe this guy set up, it’s more likely to end up being an F.A.Q. I think a month is more than enough to totally drown him in questions, in all seven seas, too! Am I right or am I right?

Everything is covered in the video, even dancing is covered as the frames do the jitterbug for some reason, so I’ll leave it there. You can comment your questions/admirations/lewdness/queries/why-did-you-guys-do-this/curiosities on this blog post or the YouTube video or even one of the far far away lands of FaceBook and Twitter linked below. But why go away from this blog post when the option to comment anonymously is at your fingertips?

To address a question that may be on the minds of those reading this, yes you can ask multiple questions. We all can. 🙂

Go forth and ask! No holding back! *insert mwahaha here*

– AlassinSane