With the closure of our first monthly competition, and a big congratulations to @ariella, comes the announcement of our second.


The contest is for drawing and the prize is a custom short story written for you by one of the writers involved with the Skyrim Romance Animated update, GypsyWolf a.k.a Kalla Lightheart! Someone who has quite a knack for creating stories from illustrations!


The theme is family, specifically Bishop’s family, the one he makes after the events of Skyrim Romance with your character. Draw Bishop with his child(ren) at any age, living the life of fatherhood that the game can’t show. It’s up to you what story scene you depict in your art, as long as it fits the theme!


You can submit your drawing in the replies of this forum topic: https://skyrimromance.com/forums/topic/may-2016-drawing-competition/


Drawings will be judged by our team when the competition closes on the 31st of May and the winner announced on June the 1st from our Facebook page and in the replies.



Featured image is by Smilika at http://smilika.deviantart.com/art/I-can-do-this-daddy-215416449