To all you lovely Sparrows wishing to join another community-wide event; the team has planned a marvelous Saturday morning (PST) -this week- for you. If you missed the last RP or is a new member of the Skyrim Romance community, firstly, welcome and I hope you join us for another Role-playing party filled with fantasy, romance, mischief, and drama, here at the Skyrim Romance website “Chat” room (bottom right-hand side) or page.


What’s special about this specific event is that you dear sparrows, get to RP with the one and only favorite Forsworn hunk, Cael.


What is a roleplay?


It’s ok to ask this question no matter your age or experience in gaming, some have never gotten into DnD, and some have. The great thing with Skyrim Romance mod RP is that you only need to have played the mod or read some stories here on this website to be able to roleplay, none of that crazy dice rolling for persuasion checks. Roleplay is a chance for people to have real-time replies and multiplayer interaction with as much freedom as they want! However, RPs are mostly text-based so you need to let your imagination (and fingers) do most of the work (more info in this article).


How do I make my character?


You can either choose to base your character off yourself, or something else, as long as it fits in the Skyrim narrative/lore -unfortunately, no latex allowed to all you skimpy modders out there- your character will be accepted. There’s no character page so you’ll just have to insert your character’s dialogue or action whenever during the RP, make sure you work with everyone, so the story doesn’t get out of hand, and that everybody enjoys the event.

Some tips for making your character:

  1. Name:
  2. Gender:
  3. Age:
  5. Dislikes:
  6. Strengths:
  7. Flaws:
  8. Speech (How do they talk? Accent? Attitude?):
  9. Brief history:

No need to post your character profile anywhere ♥




Yes, there are rules. Remember when I said, “…as much freedom as they want!” Well, I also said that “…everybody [should] enjoy the event”. Rules are placed to avoid hurting anyone, overstepping boundaries, and making sure everybody feels safe and happy in the community.

Some key rules in the RP chatroom are:


  1. RP only, avoid chatting about BTS, Richard Armitage, Avengers, etc.
  2. RP only as your character, you cannot be Cael, Bishop, or any official characters from the Skyrim Romance Mod.
  3. No “God mode”, you are not Sanguine.
  4. Keep it rated PG-M.
  5. No killing another RPer
  6. No discussion of sensitive issues i.e self-harm, politics, etc.

General Rules (nearly done, don’t worry):

  1. Keep swearing to a minimum, if your character is vulgar, keep it something like “*Bob cursed out loud causing everyone to look at him horrified*”
  2. Keep it in your pants, or take it to the 18+ section.
  3. No spamming.
  4. No Shadow Clone Jutsu please (i.e. multiple accounts).
  5. No personal details.
  6. Respect.

More rules found at:

If you have any further questions or queries, contact the admins at either the discord channel or at the website.


Where is the Roleplay?

Here on the Skyrim Romance website!
















How do I join?

Just create an account for the Skyrim Romance website

There’s a register button at the bottom of the page:










Remember Saturday, August 18th, 8AM PST.



















Article by Arakhiin

Edited by Rana

Cover Art by Eboni & Causticwitch