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    Forum/Chatroom Rules

    *Any violations of these rules can result in 3 official warnings from moderators and, if deemed severe enough, a potential ban.*

    • Keep swearing to a minimum. These forums are open to the public (especially the guest chatroom) and not age restricted. Mild curses like “damn” and “shit” are fine, but any strong words like “fuck” , “cunt” and “goddamn” will be taken out of your post or censored by a moderator.
    • No extreme sexual content in open chat, except in PMs. Mild nudity is fine, as long as genitals and breasts are censored. Sexual content can be posted in the 18+ section of the forums. The adult chatroom, which is called the 18+ chatroom, is meant for conversational 18+ only.
    • No discussion of sensitive issues that could potentially upset people, unless it’s in PM with someone who agreed to talk about it.
    • No promotion of your own mods except through words, which means no links unless it’s being promoted by the site. If you do want to post pictures from your mod, you must always discuss the picture in some way, whether it’s explaining them or requesting feedback. If you wish to let people know where to download your mod please post it on your profile.
    • No spamming. This means repeatedly posting the exact same thing, often images, links and/or chain messages.
    • No multiple accounts, unless with roleplaying purposes. Please contact Mara to request a second account for role-playing by emailing her at “”
    • No sharing private details. Other than the official donate button in the bottom corner of this website, or in any posts by Mara, you should never put your payment details into anything. This also includes your address and account password. If you ever see anyone asking for or sharing these things, contact a moderator.
    • Respect the community. We have many diverse members of differing opinions, origins, and tastes. Any blatantly rude behavior or shaming will be looked into by a moderator.

    Role-Playing Chatroom Rules

    • We are an open, welcoming community. As such, we do not permit the unwarranted dismissal of those who wish to participate in the RP chat. Please be courteous and inviting to your fellow players and if an issue arises, contact a moderator for assistance
    • Do not use the RP chatroom for just chatting, We would like to keep the RP chatroom for RolePlaying
    • No RPing as any of the Skyrim Romance Mod characters, we would not want them to be misrepresented.
    • No god-modding/immortalizing yourself (if someone paralyzes you or shouts at you, you can’t just say “resisted” and continue like nothing happened)
    • No depiction of killing or death of other members
    • No mutilating another RPer
    • No extreme violence
    • No RPing of sensitive issues that could potentially upset people.

    Yes, Bishop, that also goes for you!

    Official roleplayers (meaning characters from the mod)
    • Try not to take offense at the roleplayers’ words. Please keep in mind that our roleplayers put in a lot of effort to give you the experience of talking to the actual character, which means they all stay true to their roles.
    • They cannot focus their attention on everyone at once. As such, we ask you to please respect this and be patient with the roleplayers.
    • The roleplayers are actors! They are here to entertain our members, but they are also human beings and should be respected like any other regular member!


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