Are you a big fan of Skyrim?


Do you like to write?


What about Photography?


Do you have a knack for studying or research?


If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, then you are just the person we’re looking for! We currently have 4 roles in need of additions in the Skyrim Romance Marketing Team: Blogger, Editor, Graphic Designer, and Lore Researcher. Our main goal as a group is to spread news about Skyrim Romance mods and future projects of the team. We are also able to discuss and communicate with the mod teams themselves and suggest improvements, features, or other things that would help the mod flourish.


So what is each role of the Marketing Team responsible for?


Blogger – You are the in charge of writing posts that would be posted on the Skyrim Romance websites. You can write in however form you like: script, essay, short story, or a hybrid! You get to plan what the post would look like such as where images and links are placed. Bloggers serve as the base to the team, as you can’t have a whole cake without the cake part or else it’d just be icing and candles.


Editors – Speaking of the icing on the cake, Editors are to read over what bloggers have written and correct any grammar, punctuation, or spelling mistakes. You can also edit/change a whole line or paragraph if you think it’s necessary. There can be more than one editor per blog post so don’t worry if you’re unsure or not too confident about your correcting.


Graphic Designers – As a graphic designer, you are not required to be great at art, but if you are then double plus! Your job is to create the covers for posts. It needs to be eye-catching, but pretty to look at as well. As you’ve seen from previous post, Graphic Designers use in game screenshots and edit it using a website called Canva. If you enjoy playing Skyrim and taking beautiful photos in the game, then maybe you’d like to consider becoming a Graphic Designer.


Lore Researcher – If you love playing games, reading fantasy, studying/researching, history or myths, then Lore Researcher is the perfect position for you. If a Blogger is having trouble writing their post, or someone has a question about Skyrim or nordic folklore, then you are person for the job. Pop open that Skyrim game, history book, or myth book and shower the group with your vast intellect on the matter.


We hope you consider joining! The Marketing team is filled with great, friendly people that will make you feel like part of the family. You can talk to any members freely; it doesn’t have to be about Skyrim Romance or Forbidden Love work. If you do wish to join then simply click here and say hello to your new family ♥


Skyrim Romance Marketing Team Discord link:


Blogger: Arakhiin

Featured Image and Editor: DaedricDoll