Hello, Gifted voices, we would love for you to submit an audition and grace us with your vocal talents! We hope you would also be willing to join our team to demonstrate what skills you have to offer. We are looking for voice actors that can give the power of emotions in their every word, those who can make us see the look on their character’s face by just hearing their voice. Listening to a voice actor get deep into their character as they say their lines is such a mesmerizing thing to us, so lend us your voice. If you are chosen, your voice could help us greatly in our vision for Forbidden Love! We’re gonna need a lot of lovely voices for the Forsworn, so give us a show. Don’t worry, we do not plan to bury you in work. In time, we will decide where you would blend in best into our group. We all are hopeful that you will prevail in your projects and make us proud! Please submit some links to your previous works to the email provided so we can give you a test script that best fits your voice!

Email Mara at  admin@skyrimromance.com

Please send a high quality recording of your voice or voice reel