As you may have noticed, there are some changes popping up. We’re overhauling the website to be more oriented towards the community that has been created in these comment sections and expand it entirely. That means friends, messaging, profiles, likes, user groups, etcetera.

It is only me fiddling around with things at the moment so you can blame any unexpected crashes on me. I am completely new to coding and have a mutual hatred with it so I’m hitting buttons and hope it works. Then when all fails, Google. 😉

You can sign up/in at the bottom of any Recent Posts sidebars or just go to

Also, using the @ symbol in a comment before a registered user’s name now actually links to them! Example below.

I have full customisation of the profile areas and so on so if there’s anything you would like to have the option for on your profiles, or anything you would like to see on this website, let me know in the comments! Or send me a private message so we can give this thing a test run.

(if anyone reading this is very familiar with these things and would like to help, let me know)