The night was peaceful. The flaring northern lights flickered from blue to green and back to blue again, hiding the stars underneath their brightness. Only the Twin Moons could fight against them, but not as well as they should have.

For once I could stop and admire the skies of Skyrim, with no interruptions like dragons or other creatures that wanted to eat me alive.

“My sparrow?”

The smooth voice called me from behind. I was deeply lost in my own thoughts that I just realized how long I had stood there, enjoying the silence and serenity.

“Cael, my love! The sky is so beautiful! I want to make a camp here”, I told him. He flashed a gentle smile.

“As my beloved wishes.”

After all this time I had been traveling with this Wolf, he still could amaze with his skills of making a camp within an hour. The fire was burning brightly, our bedrolls lined side by side near it and he cooked quick steaming hot stew for us to eat.

“I must ask, why here? It’s quite open place, my sparrow. I would rather go out of sight…”

“But the sky is so beautiful!” I declared.

“I don’t care about the sky…” his voice trailed off to a whisper.

I looked at him with a question in my eyes. He smiled and he shifted closer to me. He wrapped his arm around me and I pressed myself against him.

“You are more beautiful than any sky in all of Tamriel, my sparrow. If you were the sky I would not let anyone else look at you.”

I didn’t listen to his exact words, only his soothing voice. It sent chills crawling down my spine. I met his eyes and then I was being devoured by his mouth. My lips danced on his, our tongues joined the waltz of want shortly after. The passion was burning more than fire, desire was deeper than Sheogorath’s madness. Our hands intertwined, fingers looked for bare skin to touch.

“Your armor is in the way, my beloved sparrow”, he whispered out of breath.

“Yours is too”, I mentioned just as breathless as he was.

“What should we do–”

I removed his chest piece before he could finish. He did the same to my boots. Soon we were in a war of removing our gear piece by piece till we were standing naked, exposed to the chilling night air of the Reach.

“By the old gods, you are so beautiful!”

“You say it like you have never seen me naked before, my love.”

“It’s just that… I can never really imagine your beauty to that kind of perfection, my dear sparrow.”

His words dripped of lust, they were practically soaked in it. I pressed my hands on his hips, massaging him. He licked his lips, looking quite sensual, his eyes narrowed into a glare of desire. As I was brushing my hands over his muscles, his soon found my waist and he pulled me against him, tipping me under him on his bedroll. I felt his warmness and forgot all about the chill. His mouth was sucking my neck, his hands traveled on my sides, up to my breasts. His skin was rough and they felt marvelous against my skin as he massaged me sweetly. I gasped and tugged his hair with my fists. Gently but I guess he would not have noticed if I had been rough.

He kissed his way down my body till he brushed those velvet lips over my nipples. I gasped again, letting out a moan calling his name. I buried my fingers into his hair and pressed his head tightly against my skin which was being consumed by his hot, moist and velvet lips. I looked up to the sky and wished I could fly into the stars with him.

I lifted my lower body against his. Pleading, begging and rubbing myself against him. Cael let out a surprised groan as he lifted his face to meet my gaze.

He smirked widely and wildly. He kissed my lips – I devoured his before he pulled back. His eyes were so full of burning desire that even the northern lights seemed dim and boring.

“Cael!” I gasped. “Make us one!”

He revealed a dangerous smile  – the kind that made me think of a wolf that was about to jump from the shadows of underbrush and attack its unaware prey. I knew he would not join our bodies into one yet. He wanted to torture me sweetly, slowly and for a long, long time before he would give me the satisfaction I oh so longed for.

His lips wandered all over my body, he slipped them across all the places he knew I was sensitive. His hands explored and pressed against my skin. Down to my sides, to my waist, to my hips… thighs… Then he lifted my legs, opening them wide like gates of a city he wanted to conquer. He looked at me with hungry eyes before he dived into my womanhood with his mouth and tongue licking and devouring. I gasped and moaned loudly as shocks of electricity traveled up and down my spine. The pleasure was too much to take and I felt myself exploding before he even got started.

“You taste so sweet, my sparrow… like honey and… fire”, he whispered, his voice full of steaming hot lust.  I heard him lick his lips. “Mmm, I want more!”

He claimed my womanhood with his mouth again. He nibbled, sucked, licked and consumed like an insatiable wolf. I moaned, my fingers tugging his hair, my back arched and my lower body pressed against him. He took it as a silent plea. His mouth started to work more strongly.

My mind went blank. All I could do was to feel his mouth sucking me dry. His tongue invaded me, impaling and penetrating relentlessly. Soon one finger followed, then another. I moaned and gasped for air. I was drowning into the pleasure he gave me. But I still felt so unsatisfied!

During his unrelenting invasion he made me explode from inside out. I screamed as waves of pleasure washed over me.  I was left gasping for air, breathless, feeling numb and at the same time I could feel every little thing with my tingling skin. His warmth, the stinging fur of his bedroll, the chilling night air… everything.

“My sparrow, my eternal love. My mate, my queen…” he whispered softly as he returned to look at me. His eyes gleamed brightly, overflowingly full of happiness, desire and passion.

“Cael”, I sighed. “I want you!”

He chuckled. “Then take me, dragon slayer. Catch this Wolf within your claws.”

He didn’t have to tell me twice!

I let out a growl as I pushed him on his back – I straddled him. I pressed myself against his manhood that was already hard, throbbing and looking for a way in. As he had teased me, I decided to tease him till he would beg me to join our bodies into one.

“M-my sparrow! You… oh by the old gods!”

“So you like this feeling, Wolf? Right here…” I asked as I slid myself over his manhood.

“Yes!” he gasped.

I moved over him again and again… gasping with him. The look on his face was hungry, full of lust and desire. He pressed his hands on my hips.

“My sparrow… no! I can’t hold it any longer!”

He stopped me and before I could do anything he flipped me under him and with one, strong thrust he impaled me. We both gasped, moaned and screamed. The pleasure made my mind go blank. I arched my back and pressed my lower body against his thrusts. Deeper and deeper, drowning in moist lust, consuming and devouring like the wild wolf that he was.

“Cael! More! Give me more!” I begged under the breath of my moans.

“Gods you feel amazing! I can’t stop…”

He thrusted deeper, faster and harder. I clinged to his arms that held me in place. All the while I kept staring into his eyes, so dim and dark with desire and love. In the light of the fire they flickered beautifully. This man… this Wolf… was mine. Mine alone! And I would never stop wanting him.

“I love you, Cael!” I gasped the words out.

His movements came to a sudden stop. I let out a desperate moan. He smiled to me gently.

“My eternal love. If only I knew enough words to say how much I love you.”

His lips found mine. They were gentle and bittersweet, so full of love I drank it. Deeply and ferociously. While our tongues were waging war against each other, and while his hands moved across my arms till he could intertwine our fingers together, he began to thrust again.

This time gently, slowly. As I had thought, he would torture me long and sweetly till we both would jump in to the flames of passion and burn together.

The night went by with our voices calling, gasping and moaning. Our bodies joined into one being like two sides of a coin. He was gentle, ferocious, wild and sweet – sometimes all of them at once, but mostly one at a time, till I exploded with him.

Endless waves of pleasure drowned me. He dived with me every time.

I was lying against his chest when morning sun greeted us. I realized we had not slept a wink. I started to laugh.

“What do you find so amusing, my beloved?” he whispered, caressing my hair.

“This…”, I gestured to the sky, the world… and then I looked at him. “This insanity of mine. I’m insanely in love with you! And the funny thing is I still can’t believe it’s the truth.”

“What do I need to do to prove you it’s the truth, my dearly beloved?” he chuckled, eyes gleaming with satisfaction.

“Surprise me, my wild Wolf.”

He started with a kiss. It was gentle, sweet and full of his unconditional love. Then his strong arms pulled me over him.

“Do I need to prove you anything at all, my goddess of temptation?”

Once I realized what he was talking about, I was drowned into pleasure once more…