For so many moons now you have waited. We feel you bros, we feel you. We’re going as zippety as we can. (I’m really not helping foreign readers for translating, am I? I do apologise.)

For even more many more moons the mod team have been having joyous Skype calls of bonding our relationships. (Not that kind of bonding you dirty minded gutter rat, shame on you.) We are often left doubling up and hitting our heads on our desks with laughter at our pitiful puns and inane innuendo. That usually comes from mocking our own work and we’ve always wanted to show you all that angle. But with Forbidden Love’s release being so far away, how could we?

Then Mara made us her beta testers. What better way through to keep all of us and you entertained than commentating over that?

Don’t expect anything educational about the mod unless you want to find out who on earth the people behind these usernames and “in a few weeks” are, we’re splendid eloquent beings of course, but Bri did manage to get some lovely tidbits in. River’s new dialogue is of course included but you’ll find we giggle and jabber over most of it. Sorry not sorry, spoilers!


Without further ado, here is AlassinSane and OsushiBri playing Skyrim Romance Mod #2. We’re beta than all the rest.



All that flickering through the first half is an annoyance that only occurred after it uploaded to YouTube. If anyone knows how to fix it, let me know.

Bri did in fact have her webcam on but fraps refused to acknowledge it. She will be seen one day!

Any discoloration and changes in brightness and contrast come from having to edit it so that you could all actually see what was recorded. My game is one of the most gloriously HD things out there but YouTube always put it down, smushed the pixels and made all the dynamic shadows as black as the armpit of hell.

I am not 15.