I stood in front of the doors of the Temple of the Divines. I squeezed the flower bouquet in my hands and hesitated.

I had come so far. Casavir and I both. He was waiting for me inside and yet, I was still unsure. If I did pledge myself to him, would we be together forever? Could we be together forever? I was still thinking of his vows – the vows of a paladin. He had told me he had given up on them and that from now on, the only vow he would keep was his wedding vow to me.

My hand fiddled with the hem my wedding dress. I had it designed in the store I got my ball gown from. It was all white, made from silk and it was lined with lace that reminded me of spreaded dragon wings. It had golden embroidery on long and flared sleeves, shaped like flames.

My hair was in a beautiful coiffure – my front hair was braided and pulled at the of back my head and the rest was in a bun. The lace veil was secured with golden hairpins with sapphires in them. I had wished for blue gems – blue like Casavir’s eyes – but there were no gems in that color.

The doors opened and I could hear somber music echoing in the temple. I heard choir of bards singing slowly. I saw all the people standing up as I walked through the aisle. I kept my eyes up, towards the end of the long way. I saw Casavir standing near the last row of benches. He was so beautiful! Like a prince from a fairy tail.

His outfit was all cerulean blue. The shirt was lined with fur and gold chains that started from shoulders and they united mid-chest. The sleeves were long and they had golden fishnet-like embroidery. The trousers were held by a golden belt and boots had fur lined in them. His muscular figure fit perfectly in the outfit, making him absolute dashing justice. There was a red rose on his chest.

As he turned to look at me, his smile seemed to light the whole room. I smiled back. This felt so right. This felt so… right. I loved Casavir and I wanted to be with him forever.

Once I was close enough he offered his arm to me. I wrapped mine around it and he escorted me to the priestess who was standing near the shrines of the Divines.

“You look beautiful, my lady”, Casavir whispered.

“And you are just as gorgeous, my knight” I answered glancing into his eyes.

The look in his steel blue orbs was so breathtaking. I gasped slightly when I felt his love hitting the very core of my being.

The priestess was an elderly woman that I didn’t know. She was dressed in rather fancy robes. White and red, tied with a silver thin belt.

She glanced at Casavir, her gentle smile seemed to give him some sort of peace. I realized this woman had to be someone close to my knight. I looked at Casavir with a questionable glance but he just stared at me with a handsome smile lingering on his face. I wanted to caress his cheek, press myself against him, devour his lips.

“We have all come here to witness the union of love that the Divines have given their blessings to. Casavir, the paladin, and the hero of the realm, the almighty Dragonborn, have pledged themselves to be bound together for all of time. May Akatosh protect their time together, may Dibella bless their years with beauty, may Julianos give them wisdom when facing hardships; may Kynareth protect them from the storms of life, may Mara give them love, may Stendarr show them mercy, may Zenithar bless their work and may Arkay bless their final rest.”

The priestess took out a red ribbon and Casavir took my right hand into his. She then tied the ribbon tightly around our joined hands. The priestess gave us golden diamond rings and we took one, sliding it on.

“In this life, these two shall be bound as one. No Divine nor mortal shall break this bond. And when they come toward their end of days, may their souls find each other in the life beyond.”

“It shall be so!” the audience declared unanimously.

The priestess turned to look at Casavir. “Casavir, will you take this woman to be your one and true companion till the end of your days?”

“I will”, my knight answered solemnly with his resonating voice that was so full of love I feared I might explode from the plain sound of it.

The priestess turned to look at me, repeating the question.

“I will!” I cried out. “I will!”

I wanted to leap into my knight’s arms, hold him tightly as he would hold me against him.

“Casavir, I believe you had something to say to your beloved one.” the priestess said quietly.

He nodded and then his eyes locked in mine. His stare was piercing but gentle. A smile drew on his handsome face.

“My lady, for many countless years I’ve lived upholding vows of justice. I grew up as a paladin, I swore to live as a paladin. But after meeting you, my resolve crumbled into pieces and all I wanted was to be with you. And now I am where I belong – by your side, for as long as I breathe. I love you, my fair lady, till the very end of this world, till the very end of time itself. And even then, I would not stop loving you. This is my vow to you. Should I ever break it, may the Divines punish me with the most horrid way possible.”

My eyes glistened with unshed tears. His vows, his whole being was devoted solely toward me. I leaped into his arms, crying from overflowing happiness. “Oh Casavir! Don’t speak such words in our wedding! Let’s never part! Because I love you! I love you so much!”

“You may ki–…” the priestess started but it was already too late.

Casavir’s lips found mine and I wrapped my arms around his neck, pressing myself tighter and tighter against him. Our lips moved in perfect unison, devouring gently and lovingly. I forgot the time and place – there was only Casavir and me now.

Once we parted from the kiss that seemed to last forever, the audience burst into loud applauses. They cheered, they cried and they smiled.

“Cassy, let’s get the hell out of here!” I whispered with a mischievous smirk on my face.

Casavir laughed and it resonated through the temple. We ran through the aisle and opened the doors outside. My knight took my hand and he started to run towards the city gates.

“Where are you taking me?” I asked as I dropped the bouquet on the ground in order to lift my dress a bit so I could run better.

“Somewhere we can be alone, my lady.”

“But I have a house!”

“I meant alone”, he emphasized.

I smiled when I realized what he meant. Yes, away from the buzzling city, away from the people, away from everything distracting. We were together now. Bound as one in love, now and forever.

Once we were outside Solitude I saw a carriage that was being pulled by two white horses. The cart was framed with white cloth and red rose garlands.

“Casavir…!” I gasped.

He lifted me in his arms and spun me around faster and faster. I giggled and wrapped my arms around his neck and pressed my head against his shoulder. I loved this man! I loved him more than life.

He carried me into the carriage. I sat down on soft pillows and once Casavir was sitting next to me the driver rushed the horses into a slow gallop.

I looked at my knight, my husband. He smiled gently and caressed my cheek. I was annoyed – there was too much space between us so I decided to climb into his lap and wrap my arms around his shoulders. His arms secured me in place, his lips gently placed a kiss on my forehead.

“Who was that priestess? You seemed to know her.”

“She’s my mentor. She taught me restoration.”

I kissed his lips. He answered with passion I had never felt from him before. We had kissed so many times I had lost count. And now there would be even more that kind of affection – with no restrictions.

“Where are we going, my knight?” I asked seductively.

“To my home. It’s at the border of Cyrodiil.”

“Why stay in Solitude if you have a home?” I wondered more to myself than wanting to ask him the question.

Casavir fell silent for a long time. I could see a deep frown forming a shadow upon his gorgeous face. I ran my fingers through his raven black hair and gently kissed his frown away.

“I’m sorry, my knight. I should have not…” I started but his kiss interrupted me.

“You deserve to know, my darling”, he said quietly. I was surprised I was no longer “my lady” anymore. I had become so used to hearing him call me that. I felt rush of blood when his eyes stared into mine.

“I left because I wanted to meet the Dragonborn of legend. But I never expected to meet a woman such as yourself. You made my world revolve and you crumbled my resolve. I realized… I was wasting my time on meaningless vows.”

I felt my heart skip a beat, before it started to gallop like a wild horse. It was fate that had woven our lives together. I had been meant to meet Casavir and fall in love with him.

“Casavir” I whispered, my voice trembled as I held back the tears of joy.

“I love you”, he said solemnly.

My knight smiled as he felt – full of love that made his steel blue eyes shine like gems, and happiness that I tasted from his lips when they sought to devour mine.

The kiss was soft and gentle like brush of silk before it escalated into burning, feral dance of desire. Our tongues’ touch was hot, warm and moist. Arms clinged and pulled our bodies closer together.

Then I heard a whoosh through the air. I yelped as an arrow passed my head by inches and it hit the cart. Casavir ordered the driver to stop. We both glanced around scanning the area.

“Bandits?” Casavir thought out loud.

I let my thu’um ring through the air.


I looked around as my eyes saw the auras of living beings. Foxes, rabbits, guards… I turned my gaze up to the forest area. Then I saw them. A shape of a man and a wolf but nothing that indicated bandits. I knew who it was. With heavy heart, I took the arrow and saw a piece of parchment tied onto it. I opened it only to see a short message written with a clumsy handwriting.

“Be happy, princess”

I cried out slightly. I never would have thought he would come to see me. I never knew he would care even though we had separated in such a terrible manner. Bishop would always be my first love and I would keep that love locked tightly inside of me. I would never let it out again.

Casavir read the message and then he looked at me with a question. I destroyed the parchment with a burst of fire magic.

“Let’s continue. It’s nothing.” I said sadly even though I did not want to let my Cassy hear it.

My knight ordered the driver to hurry. There was no need. I knew Bishop had cleared a path for us. I knew he was watching over us from the shadows of the forest. I glanced over my shoulder, to the place where I had seen his figure. I moved my mouth, sending a silent message into the winds.

“You too Bishop. Be happy no matter where the road leads you.”

Casavir’s home was a small castle nestled in the forests between Falkreath and Cyrodiil. It had two stories, it was surrounded by a beautiful garden with beautiful trees and flowers. Some vegetables were grown there too. The castle and its front yard was surrounded by a mural that was covered in a rose vine. Its inner yard had a fountain, stables for two horses, smaller trees and flowers in clay pots decorating it. There was a small pavilion made of white wood with a small table and few expensive looking chairs in it.

Casavir helped me down from the cart. He smiled gently to me and as I was about to kiss him he snatched me into his strong arms. With a wide expectant smile drawing slowly across his face, he started to walk towards the entrance.

I stared into his eyes and he looked deeply into mine. I don’t know how but he managed to open the door while still carrying me. We entered the hall and I looked around curiously.

The entrance hall was very open and well lit by the chandeliers and the light that came inside the big windows. Further away I saw a dining area with a small kitchen at the right side. There was a huge fireplace at the back of the hall. The fire in it was burning brightly. Floors were covered with expensive, red and white rugs, some windows were framed with red and white velvet curtains. On the right side I saw a room that was like a library – shelves filled with books, tables and chairs lined between them, candles and permanent magelights shedding their light, on the left was a staircase. One set of stairs went downstairs, the other upstairs. I presumed there was a bathroom downstairs and maybe a food cellar. Upstairs held sleeping quarters and small study room with alchemy and enchanting facilities.

“Do you live here alone?” I asked Casavir.

“Oh no. Thelma and Olak are probably arguing in the cellar what they should prepare for dinner.”

“Your servants I presume.”

“Yes, but they won’t bother you. They just argue a lot.”

Casavir laughed. I joined his laughter soon, he put me down on my feet.

“Feel free to look around. This is our home now if you wish, my darling.”

I looked at him and leaped against him. I wanted us to be consumed by our desires right there and now. I whispered my wish into his ear as seductively as I could. Casavir’s arms held me tightly against him, his lips left a trail on my neck, up to my cheek, before they found my lips. He was passionate, warm and gentle.

“Can I go take a bath?” I asked once he released my lips. I was gasping for air but the thought of being apart from him even for a short time was agonizing.

“Please do, it’s downstairs. Take your time, my darling. You’ll find me upstairs, last door to your left.”

I still was thinking about those lips of his and decided I wanted to tease him a little. With a seductive smile I whispered: “Where’s the gentleman? Won’t you escort your wife?”

The knight blushed to the tip of his ears. He was bemused for a short moment before he cleared his throat and offered his arm to me. I wrapped mine around it and he escorted me downstairs, into a huge bathroom with a large pool, steam wafting off its surface. Various oils and soaps lined the shelves while different colored fluffy towels and bathing robes were dotted on the stone wall. I looked at Casavir.

“Take your time, my darling. I’ll wait for you upstairs.”

He leaned forward and gently kissed my forehead before turning around, leaving me in the comfort of the bath. I saw an empty basket which was probably meant for the dirty clothes. I took it and slipped behind a frame so I could get undressed in peace. I released my hair from the braids and bun and put the veil in the basket. I snatched a nice looking bathrobe with me before I ran to the pool and jumped into the water.

The hot water was I surfaced and leaned against the marble. I glanced around and saw another basket. It was bigger. I swam to it and peeked at the contents. It was full of red rose petals. I didn’t hesitate. I grabbed a handful threw them all on the water, enjoying the way they spread out. For a moment, the water looked like it was dyed in blood but soon the sweet fragrance filled the air.

I leaned against the marble and played with the petals: I made them dance around with my shouts, I arranged them in many different kinds of patterns… After a while, I saw two people come out of the cellar door that was near the bathroom.

The first one who I saw was a woman since she was young, probably same age as Casavir. She had a blonde long hair, white skin, and her figure was partially covered by her companion. The man was older, middle-aged, he had aged well though. His short brown hair had grey stripes but his face was young for a man in his late fifties. They both were dressed in servant’s clothes and they were arguing. They were both so deep in their argument that they didn’t even notice me.

I sighed. After a short hesitation, I got out of the water and wrapped myself into the bathrobe. It was red, its sleeves hung low at my sides while the back formed a small train, making me think of a queen in a beautiful gown. I slipped upstairs and searched for the door to Casavir’s room. Once in front of it, I hesitated.

I never was this happy in my life. Casavir had become such a huge part of me I didn’t even realize. My love for him grew with every passing moment. I had no reason to hesitate any longer. This day was my wedding day after all. And even though we did have a headstart with the lascivious things, today I felt like it was our very first time.

I was about to knock it but then I felt like it would be stupid. Casavir knew it would be me, only servants would knock.  I was his wife. I opened the door before gently closing the door behind me ascending the few stairs until I stepped into my knight’s room.

His room was spacious. Bookshelves, cabinets, display cases, a table with golden candlesticks on it and two chairs next to it and a small fireplace decorated three of the walls of the room. In the middle of the room was a podium and on it was a huge double bed with a canopy that was framed with thin white velvet curtains. Expensive, red colored rugs covered the floor. On the opposite of the door, I came in was a pair of glass doors to a balcony. Casavir was there, standing and leaning against the mural.

He really looked like a prince while standing there, letting the wind mess his raven black hair.

“My love!” I called out.

As he turned around to look, his mouth drew into a gentle smile. He leaped through the distance and pulled me into a gentle and loving embrace.

“You are so beautiful! This feels like a dream. I still can’t believe you’re mine, my lady.”

There it was again, I was his lady. I chuckled and pressed myself against him, wrapping my arms around his shoulders.

“I am yours Casavir”, I whispered into his ear. “And if you think this is a dream, we should not wake up at all.”

“My lady… my wife… my darling.”

He lifted me into his arms and he carried me up to the bed. He sat down and placed me on my back upon those silky, red sheets. Gods, I felt like I was being pampered. But I was enjoying it with all of my heart.

“You should have joined me in the bath. I was having fun.” I whispered sultry.

“You smell of roses… “ he said as he bent down to breathe in my scent. His lips wandered on my neck. I wanted to wrap my arms around him, to drown my fingers into his thick raven black hair but his hands were faster. He grabbed my wrists, pinning them above my head as his lips never left my neck. I tried adjusting my legs, trying desperately to relieve the growing dampness between them.

“Casavir, make me yours!” I pleaded silently.

His lips pulled away from my neck before staring at me with those steel grey eyes of his, full of lust. A cheshire smirk crossed his face before he grabbed one of my hands he had pinned and placed it on the hem of his trousers. With a smirk, I started to slowly undress him. My eyes flickered back up toward him, teasing him by biting his lip. I could feel his muscles tense as I wandered further and further. The tension made the air feel heavy and all of a sudden I noticed a hint of musk hanging around us. One after another, he lost his pieces of clothing and once he was naked and exposed in front of me, I stopped and admired.

He was like a sculpture made of white marble. Only his heavy breathing and his eyes that gleamed from desire were signs that he was a living, breathing being.

“My lady”, his voice was low, husky and full of lust. His arms extended and he pulled the belt holding my bathrobe out of the loose knot. Its sides were pushed away as Casavir’s hand pulled it off of me, the robe falling like water by my sides. Now we both were naked and exposed.

His stare made my skin tingle and I gasped. I wanted to cover myself but it was no use. He had seen me many times before as I had seen him. Still, I felt like this was our first time.

“Do you feel it as well?” he asked, his hand brushing over my skin sending billions and billions of lightning strikes through my body.

“Y-yes”, I gasped.

His hand stopped on my waist, leaning closer till I was skin-on-skin with him. The waves of pleasure hit me like a power attack. I gasped for air, calling out for Casavir’s name in a trembling voice.

“My darling”, he whispered, joining our lips together.

It was passionate, warm, hot and moist. Our bodies intertwined, our mouths were feral against each other. We wanted to devour, we wanted to be consumed. We fell on the bed, keeping our bodies tightly together, lips nibbling and tongues dancing. Once we could release each other to gasp for air, he stared at me before covering my body with his.

There were only me and Casavir now. I wrapped my legs around him, making sure he could feel what he was doing to me. He let out a groan before kissing my neck, drawing random patterns with his tongue. Soon his tongue left my neck and went downward until his tongue licked the peak of my chest. I gasped and he flicked the nub again, enjoying the way I gasped before taking the whole nub into his mouth. I strained against both his hand and his tongue. His other hand wandered from holding my wrists in place to lazily walking on my skin until he reached the other nub. Taking it gently between his fingers, he rolled it around as his tongue danced with the other. He lingered for a long, long time on each part before he switched sides.

I was on the verge of exploding. I gasped his name over and over again, the dampness between my legs growing. His mouth released the numb before traveling lower until he reached the ‘V’ of my legs.

“Casavir”, I moaned.

He gave me all-knowing smirk before he dived into my womanhood. I gasped sharply and arched my back. My hands flew on his head, my fingers tugged his hair gently. The waves of pleasure overflowed me and I exploded screaming my knight’s name.

I gasped for air, staring at the ceiling until it changed into Casavir’s face. I stared into his eyes. I pressed my hand against his cheek.

“Where did a paladin like you learn this kind of trick?”

Casavir smiled mysteriously. “I just wanted to kiss you there, my lady. Was I bad to do such a thing?”

“No! No… it was amazing.”

My body was still quaking and trembling from the leftover feelings. But once I had calmed down, I leaned up and pushed Casavir on his back straddling him as always when we made love. He was rather well equipped and if he wasn’t careful with it, he could hurt me. So I always took charge to have a bit more control. And besides, he made me feel him a lot better if I was on top.

“My lady… how I wish I could do this to you…” he whispered in a low, husky voice. It resonated deeply from his chest – I felt it rumble under my hands.

“We can try, later on”, I whispered back, looking into his eyes.

Gods how they burned with desire! My knight was so gorgeous when he looked like that. As refined and gentle as he was otherwise, in bed he was a monster filled with lust and desire. He wanted to consume and be consumed. And I loved to be the one to devour and be devoured.

“My lady!” Casavir gasped and his hands flew on my hips as I slid over his steel hard manhood.

“Soon, my knight”, I gasped as I felt his throbbing, hot, big sword against my wet gates of heaven it so badly wanted to penetrate.

Casavir groaned and he pulled me into a passionate, savage kiss. His hands directed me so that I could slid him right inside of me. And I did just that, gasping as I felt him spreading me wide open. I took him in slowly till he reached the deepest parts of me. I gasped and moaned. Even the slightest movement made me feel him all too well and I wanted to explode right there and then.

“My darling”, Casavir whispered under his breath, running his fingers through my still damp hair.

“You feel so good! I want more!” I gasped.

I moved my hips slightly, making us both gasp. I leaned against my knight’s chest with my hands and he placed his upon my hips. I moved slowly, till I got the rhythm right for us and I started to move faster. Every movement made me gasp from pleasure that hit me like a thunderbolt. I moaned his name as he did mine. I lifted my eyes to meet his. Desire and love – that’s what his reflected now.

I moved faster, forcing us to the edge.

“My lady, wait!” Casavir groaned and I stopped, giving a glance of question.

Casavir moved carefully, he raised himself into a sitting position and he supported me with his arms. I felt him slide deeper in me and it made me moan from pleasure.

“Oh gods!”

I wrapped my arms around his shoulders and pressed my face against one. He helped me move slowly holding me lovingly within the gentle cage of his arms. I lifted my face to look into his eyes once more and smiled before kissing him.

I moaned against his mouth every time I felt him move in me. All the while he was gentle, so gentle it almost hurt – the sweet, sweet torture I loved to get.

His mouth wandered across my skin and while I was concentrating on the feel of his lips he put me gently on my back, keeping our bodies joined as one. I gasped as I felt him move.

“Casavir!” I moaned and wrapped my arms tightly around him.

“Does it hurt?” he whispered concerned.

“No!” I gasped as I pressed myself against his movements.

Casavir grunted and his arms pulled me closer against him. I wrapped my legs around him only to make my lower body press tighter against his. I gasped as I felt his manhood reach deeper in me. I was already wide open to him but now I felt like he was opening me even more.

He was gentle, keeping me close and kissing my lips every now and then. Our voices called each other’s names, hands caressed and were intertwined. And when we both lied on the bed, exhausted and gasping, I knew I was where I wanted to be.

“I love you, my knight”, I whispered as I ran my fingers through his hair.

His eyes gleamed full of satisfaction, and his smile was wide, warm and loving. I kissed his lips before he could answer. I didn’t need to hear it. I knew already that he was mine and I was his.

Now and forever.