Exciting things are happening behind the scenes to better accommodate both our growing fanbase and our many projects, including a rehaul of several teams. This has opened up more opportunities for everyone in our community to get involved, including you!
Our trustworthy team members are taking on roles of leadership in all our groups, working hard to improve the quality and content of all our productions. This rehaul includes, but is not limited to:
The FL Modding Team, CR Modding Team, SRM Marketing Team, and the Moderating Team. Even more exciting though, is the creation of our newest team and project! It’s time to call up all your male Skyrim-loving friends who always wished there was something like SRM for them too, because we are in the process of making a mod dedicated to the men of the modding community: Hunt for Love! Hunt for Love is a project that is being made for male players wanting to woo female characters. The Skyrim Romance Mod you know and love will be reimagined with female versions of all your favorite characters! This genderbent mod will also feature exciting new quest lines, hilarious new dialogue, and never-before-seen characters we know you will love. There are still plenty of new developments to come regarding Hunt for Love, including opportunities to join this new team, so be sure to keep an eye out for forthcoming posts!
It still amazes us how all our teams and ambitions started with just one person and a team of people who took on what should have been just a small project. Now, we have bloomed into a thriving community of both fans and creators alike. We have loved every opportunity to meet and interact with the many incredible people who have become a part of our community. It might get dull hearing again and again how much we adore you, but we just can’t contain it! We think you’re the bee’s knees and we mean every word of it, every time! Without our fans, our team members, and our leaders, we are nothing. We are undoubtedly overwhelmed by all the support, the love, the friendship you all so generously give. You amaze us everyday with how much you enjoy our work and cheer us on. Everyone on our teams work so hard, including many who were once just fans, to ensure that we are making our community proud of the projects we are producing. It’s incredible what people can do with teamwork, passion, and time.
Thank you all for being here – whether its been since the beginning or just the other day – and for your continued support!
We love our community!
Post written by Eboni
Edited by LarnieaOfNarnia & Lottie Rose