The Saga continues! With the wild success of Skyrim Romance 3.0 we are happy to announce the coming release of Skyrim Romance 3.1! With many improved features of quest related fixes, bug fixes and smoother mod performance, it’s going to far exceed the overall game play of previous versions. The release of Skyrim Romance 3.1 is going to happen in the upcoming weeks. Which will be followed by a Non-Sexlab version. I am excited to see what you guys think of this new version.

I am very happy to announce the new trailer for Skyrim Romance 3.1 done by Louisharee Zan, whom is one of the most talented video editors I know. Her channel is filled with many videos of Skyrim Romance and her features of the mod have helped grow the community over the past several years.  She has an impressive YouTube presence with over 17,500 subscribers and 3,453,894 views on her videos.

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Please click here to visit her channel for more Skyrim Romance videos.