Hello My Wonderful Friends!

I have a special post today that features a remarkable, talented voice actor that has captured hearts all around the world.  His name is Chris Gaughf,  the man that voices Cael.  This beloved wonderful man has contributed so much to the gaming world and to mods for his fans.  Here is a message from this amazing voice actor.

“I was born and raised in the city the Albany, Georgia. The same city that ushered Ray Charles, and many other talented singers. While not a singer, I do use my voice for the entertainment of others. I have been acting since I was in middle school, and have had little disinterest ever since.

Other than doing voices to entertain friends and family, I didn’t get into voicing until around 2009 when I began volunteering for mods of various games, and flash videos. Many of the games included Dragon Age, Oblivion, New Vegas, and of course, Skyrim. Which made me well known amongst my fellow voice actors.While voicing every now and then for Youtube videos, Machinimas, and flash shorts, I have mostly kept to voicing for game modders, and trying to get my voice out there as much as I can. I have been noticed by many amazing people, and hope to one day voice in a Hollywood production.
Other that voice acting, I do have a passion for literature, and will be publishing my first Novella soon. I would like to become a Best Selling author one day, and will continue to write for years to come.”
What do you think of your character Cael?
Answer: “I think Cael is very different from myself. While we do have a lot in common, like being cocky, romantic, and careful, he also feels strongly for his family, and duty, which sadly, I cannot say I share. All in all, I think you couldn’t have picked a better person for me to voice in the mod.”

What do you think of Skyrim Romance Mod?

Answer: “I think SRM is going to be a hit. Some will try to knock it down for lacking female, or gay roles, but if that is what they are looking for, those people can go elsewhere.”

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