I am so proud and excited to introduce our newest members to the Skyrim Romance Team!  Since my call for writers and voice actors I have received so much enthusiasm from new volunteers to participate in the upcoming mod “Forbidden Love”.  Absolutely talented writers have been doing magic on the story-line for Cael’s in-depth romance.  I have found many perfect voice actors for our characters and I am still auditioning and deciding for others.

Here is a list of our new voice actors and writers we have thus far!

Faey Forsworn Princess voiced by Kelly Allred

Vinsen the Vampire voiced by Nicholas Trieu

Darren voiced by Ivan Causey

Anu voiced by Andrew “VeteranMouse” Hill

Chief Akeiton voiced by Allen Michael 

Roule voiced by Andrei Saar

Tara voiced by Jessica Snider

Vilissia voiced by Jasmine Noden



Rudia Jaehi

Brianna Valentine

Lizz (Sparkles)

Rachel Snyder

Caitlyn Labadie

Victoria Angold

Diana Dixon

Lynda Drake 

Michelle Cole

Adam Howe

Sarah McLin

Sebastian Michaelis

Kelley Rehmet

Kate O’Hara

Leslie Mertz

Sarah dinosaurus

Silke Momm

Elizabeth Meyer

Tessarae William

Sheira Varney


I am still auditioning for voice actors and still accepting writers!  If you want to participate send me an email!

Characters that need voice actors




Forsworn Villagers