I have decided to make an add-on that will allow you to have sex in Skyrim!  This isn’t going to be one of those let’s have sex with everyone mods.  This is going to be tied with the relationship development of Bishop.  It takes time to get to a position where a relationship advances romantically to sex.  It makes everything more realistic and intriguing! 😀

This add-on will provide many animations/positions of sex where you can have all the naughty dirty adventurous love making in your game!!!  Though sex will not be available until Bishop offers you to sleep with him.  You can wait anxiously as your relationship develops to that point.

To install this add-on requires a few extra steps because installing new animations to Skyrim is not as simple as installing an ordinary mod! That is why I will not make it part of the initial release of the main Skyrim Romance Mod.  For those who are willing to put forth the effort to put new sexy animations into your game, I will provide you with a video to guide the process of installation.

This naughty add-on will be available as downloadable content when the mod is released!!! ;D

Have fun day dreaming!!