Hello Everyone,

I am happy to announce that I have opening for existing characters and new characters for “Skyrim Romance Mod” and the new mod “Forbidden Love”!

If you are a talented voice actor that wants to be a part of this awesome project feel free to send me your voice reel at my email wingedtwilightofthedawn@outlook.com

Existing Skyrim Romance Characters

Bishop – Needs Voice Actor

This sexy, rough and tough ranger needs a new voice actor!


Darren – Needs Voice Actor

This rich, suave mage aristocrat needs a new voice actor.


Forbidden Love Characters

Lucias – Needs Voice Actor

Lucias is a seductive vampire who needs a talented voice actor.

Anu – Needs Voice Actor

Anu is Cael’s friend and hunting brother.  He is a strong warrior.

Eshne – Needs Voice Actor

Eshne is the wise woman of Cael’s village.  She is kind and strong with the Forsworn traditions.

Hagravens – Needs Voice Actors

These creepy witch-like characters perform the Forsworn rituals and need voice actors.

Forsworn Villagers – Needs Voice Actors

Many characters are being created and need voice actors!