Hey guys! The Skyrim Romance team is back and today, we’re bringing you another holiday event: How are your Dragonborn and Bishop spending this Christmas together?


For this event, we will be asking for you guys to submit any holiday-themed Drawings, Screenshots AND Short Stories. With that being said, any and all photo submissions will be presented on our Facebook page and featured in a post on the Skyrim Romance website. Not to mention, we will be choosing a minimum of 3 short stories that will be read live on our YouTube channel and discord. You might even get the chance for one of our lovely voice actors to read your story!! There are a few simple rules and guidelines that you must follow though!


Art and Screenshot Guidelines:

  • Only Mild NSFW art/SS allowed. Please remember our site is not 18+ restricted and if you’d like your art featured. We have to keep it primarily PG
  • Nothing profoundly vulgar or disturbing.
  • Must be original work. If there is any suspicion that the submission has been plagiarized, we will not be featuring it.
  • Try to keep the image Skyrim Romance related. Does your photo HAVE to be with Bishop? No. But we would like it if we kept this theme Skyrim Romance related and not drift too far from the theme.
  • Remember: Be creative, and have fun!


Short Story Guidelines:

  • NSFW stories are allowed. Try to keep it from becoming too explicit BUT don’t be discouraged from making it steamy. We will have fun reading them regardless.
  • Absolutely no forced or unwanted sexual encounters in the story are allowed. This is a HARD rule. There will be NO exceptions.
  • Again. Try to stick to the theme of Christmas and Skyrim Romance.
  • Your short story word count cannot exceed more than 900 words and can only have a minimum of 500 words. We don’t want to overexert our lovely readers nor do we want short rushed stories that seem too quick to enjoy.
  • We understand not all of us are novelists, but try to keep a good sense of grammar and spelling with your story.
  • Your story doesn’t have to be serious. This is a fun time for all of us and we will enjoy just about anything. From silly and absurd, to lusty and serious, it should be fun for everyone.


As always guys, remember to have fun. We will be taking submissions until the 22nd. Please put all submissions in the comments section of the post on the Skyrim Romance webpage, and submit all short stories as links as to not take up too much space!

Drawing by Avis

Blogger: DeskiEs

Editor: Eboni & AngelAwakened