Hey Guys,

So excited and happy to announce River Kanoff as Bishop’s new Voice Actor.  River is an amazingly talented Voice Actor,  his voice perfectly captures Bishop’s sexy, rough, rugged voice that I’ve always wanted for our dear Ranger.

Take a listen here

Soundcloud Audio

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A Message from River,

Thank you all so much for the warm welcome! I love working on ambitious Skyrim mods, and while I admit, this is the first mod quite like this that I’ve ever worked on, I’m excited to explore the complex character Mara has described to me, and watching him grow and mature throughout the script.

Here’s a little more “Bishop” practice: https://vound.co/vound/1655




I’m so excited guys!  I feel totally re-inspired with River on the team.  I plan on releasing the new Skyrim Romance version ASAP with our amazing River as Bishop’s voice. ^_^

Also I’ve been waiting for a special moment to show you guys my digital painting I dedicate it to Bishop’s new voice actor, River. <3