Hello Everyone,

Skyrim Romance is finished!  It is now being tested by our beta testers to find all the mistakes and bugs!  Also, animations are being inputed by our friend DigitalVixen, her work should be done in a few weeks!  With Skyrim Romance so close to release I can barely contain my excitement for all of you guys!  The mod has so many new dialogue options for the player and most of Bishop lines have been rewritten to give our favorite Ranger a more realistic personality.  Rivers voice acting is just outstanding and his performance as Bishop shines in the new Skyrim Romance Mod. His dedication and talent has made Skyrim Romance a masterpiece!  Thank you River for all your hard work in voicing all those lines and making them sound amazing!  Also a huge thank you to my writers who came up with brilliant new scripts for Bishop and the player.  Also thank you to the beta testers who have been staying up all night and day testing the heck out of it! XD

Things you can expect from the new release of Skyrim Romance Mod…

Animations – Will be dependent on FNIS!  The new animations will have many different kissing animations, hug animation, male stripping animation, ballroom dancing animation and sex animation. Rated M.

85% of all dialogue has been rewritten.  New sassy and aggressive player dialogue options added for our players who just don’t want to put up with Bishops attitude.

Bishop – New voice actor River Kanoff

Darren – New voice actor Ivan Causey

Bugs Fixed

-Neeshka and Darren scene fixed from having Bishop being stuck.  Just speak to Bishop and scenes end immediatly after scene is played.

-All hugs removed from dialogue in Non-Animation version to prevent the dreaded “hug death move” or having Bishop freezing in middle of dialogue.

-If you lose Bishop going to Cael’s village.  Bishop will transport to you when his dialogue is triggered between him and Cael.

-Bishop is now made a standard follower and will now work with all multiple follower mods.

Stay Tuned!


Ps.  Because you guys are so awesome and patient, surprise photo gallery of Bishop below!

Amazing Featured Image

Troublesome trio by by e-soulu

Steam and Bubbles by Isbjorg


Honey autumn for Bishop by Isbjorg


Clash by TheWildGrape


Gold and bronze by Isbjorg


Midsummer by Isbjorg


Bishop, Isbjorg and Karnwyr by Isbjorg


Oops… by Isbjorg

Is: “Ca…Casavir?! What are you doing here?” :omg:
Bish: “Envious, paladin?” :devilish: