Hello Everyone,

Mara here, giving you an update on the mods progress!  River’s version of Bishop is well on it’s way to completion very soon!  So excited to announce it is going to be released any day!  Not telling when though 😉

Also the Seal Team’s work on Forbidden Love is amazing!  The quality and the depth of the characters is outstanding.  The story-line has developed into something truly exceptional!  We even have lore behind each tribe, character and location.

The great difference between both mods is the approach of the mods development.  Skyrim Romance progressed with encounters you had with different NPCs placed in the world of Skyrim.  While Forbidden Love follows a very interactive story-line that has many different player answers.  Whether you want to be sweet, sassy or rude.  You have the option to choose.  Also, the new version of Skyrim Romance will have more player answers and River’s deep, sexy voice really adds to Bishop and makes him sound fantastic!  The variety of player answers is very much expanded in Forbidden Love.

Forbidden Love is proximity 3x’s the size of Skyrim Romance.  A huge undertaking!  But the Seal Team (Writers) of Forbidden Love works around the world at all times of the day and night.

Feel free to post your questions below!  We won’t give away spoilers!

Have a great day!