Hello Everyone!

Sorry about the inconvenience with the website going all crazy in the last few days @_@  It’s been a little hectic!  But as you can see the website is fine and dandy!  In “Meet the Team” section I’m starting to add the new voice actors for Forbidden Love!  Now that characters are being cast, it’s only a matter of time before the scenes are ready to be coded in the Creation Kit!  I’m super excited about the progress of Forbidden Love and as the scenes are steadily being written, the story becomes richer and richer.

We have only a matter of weeks before Skyrim Romance is going to be released!  YES RELEASED! Wild and free.  With River being our new voice actor for Bishop and the new dialogue options, Skyrim Romance is going to be fantastic!  Also animations are going to be implemented in another version so you can do all sorts of new things.  Like kissing, sex, hugging and more!  I’m very excited to show you guys soon!  Stay tuned!

Thank you,