Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you are all having a wonderful time with friends and family where ever you might be in the world. You are all my friends and family here and I want to give you the best Christmas present I can to finish up this amazing year. SKYRIM ROMANCE 3.1 I plan to release the new mod the day after Christmas on December 26th

The following updates and bug fixes will be available in the new update
Bugs that were Fixed
– Dragon priest mask display fixed
– Weapon plaque in cottage basement
– The player bed in sravhouseinterior was fixed, the play did not own the bed
– “A Night to Remember” Quest
– “Are you insane! You are going to trust that-that overgrown lizard and fly it!?” Bishop speech fixed to happen only at Whiterun at the Great Porch
– “Bishop’s Wolf Ring” for the additional race
– Patio benches to appear at the Honeymoon Cottage
– Daedric Artifacts Displaying
-Removed previous wedding quest “sravArieWeddingScene”
Special Thank you to Chris HPZ, Peri who went out of their way to fix most of the bugs.

Also, a huge thank you to all our beta testers!

jbird2b, Amy, Stevi, Astrid, Karen, Lexi, Penguin0918,

and anyone else who gave me feedback on the new version

Everyone have a wonderful Christmas Eve!

Thank you,


Featured image by Causticwitch