In light of the recent release of Skyrim special edition, and because mods can be downloaded for skyrim on the console we have received a lot of questions about this. Many excited fans were wondering if we are going to make the mod compatible for the special edition, or/and for console.

Unfortunately, it will not be available on console. The mod is simply too big in size, which is fantastic news of course since it means we’ve added so much new content to it. But this also means it’s impossible to get it to console.

As for the special edition; there are no plans for that yet. Skyrim romance also depends on other mods like Skyrim Script Extender, sexlab and fores new idles, so those mods would need to be updated first in order for skyrim romance to work. The only focus for now is finishing 3.0!

Thank you all for your patience and understanding.  Have a wonderful day!

Skyrim Romance Team