Good Evening!  <3

I hope you are having a wonderful Saturday, I am relaxing myself.  I know you guys have questions and I’ve got answers!  Ever since my release date has been announced along with the guide I am so proud you guys have begun to install and prepare for the release in one week.  But first I have a very amazing thing to tell you guys about.

How long has it taken me to build Skyrim Romance 3.0?  

Well thankfully Creation Kit on Steam has been tracking my hours since day one!  I have never checked this number of hours over the course of three years!  I have discovered it took 3190 hours of pure Creation Kit time to actually build the mod.  When I put that into actually days, that is a total of 132.9167 days of non-stop, no break condensed about of time.  If I knew it would take this long I think it would have scared me off a long time ago!  But the creative drive never stopped and I kept going, kept building, improving and ultimately got us here, to the end of Skyrim Romance.  What an amazing journey!

Ok now let’s begin the FAQ!

Q: Is Sexlab a requirement for Skyrim Romance?

A: Yes, it is a vital framework to make animations work.  It is called a “Master File” a lot like what a DLC is to Skyrim.


Q: My animations are not aligning properly, what do I do?

A: Animations sometimes are not aligned and it just happens.  If it is a height problem you can change the height of your character to 1.0 to accommodate alignment to Bishops height for the kissing animations.  Sometimes the camera angle throws of the character’s direction off-setting the animation.


Q: I don’t want to see the sex animations, is there a way to avoid them?

A: The animations are only induced upon the DB’s choice of dialogue. If you don’t wish to see them, simply exit the dialogue when the option displays. Or go into the Sexlab MCM menu and disable animations.


Q: Bishop is asking me to have sex and it’s in a public locations, what do I do?

A:  The mod’s dialogue is very randomized and sometimes this happens.  Just exit the dialogue and continue the intimate dialogue in a more private location, the dialogue should stay in his menu.  Or go through the entire dialogue and tell Bishop no.


Q: Why isn’t bishop following me?

A: Dismiss all your other followers.


Q: Why are the Skyrim Romance animations not playing?

A: Make sure you run FNIS after install.

How to do this go to…

C:\ProgramFiles(x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\skyrim\Data\tools\GenerateFNIS_for_Users folder and run the GenerateFNISforUsers.exe. Check the “SKELETON Arm Fix” box, then hit the “Update FNIS Behaviour” button and wait for it to process the animations.


Q: Why are the Sexlab animations not playing?

A: In the MCM menu in-game install Sexlab.


Q: When Darren and Bishop are about to fight, Bishop takes out his bow and nothing happens.

A: This is solved by reloading and equipping Bishop with his dagger prior to conversing with Darren.


Q: Why are the characters missing textures?

A: This happens when the mod did not download properly due to internet weakness or disconnect.  Try re-downloading and giving it lots of time to load.


Q: Why are other NPC’s outfits/face/body solid purple?

A: You have an incomplete mod download.  Re-download the mod with stable internet connection to prevent any hiccups.


Q: I can’t get onto Jack’s ship!

A: You’re not supposed to, Jack’s dialogue takes place just outside the ship.


Q: Jack’s quest is not progressing?

A: You have to go through all of the dialogue between him and Bishop before the quest can progress. Just keep speaking with Jack if he gets stuck.


Q: Why can’t I choose any dialogue options with Bishop, he is frozen on dialogue?

A: This is a known bug. Just punch your lovely Ranger and try engaging in dialogue again. We promise he won’t get too mad.


Q: Karnwyr doesn’t follow Bishop?

A: To fix previous bugs, Karnwyr now follows you!


Q: Why are the animations misaligned?

A: Animations aren’t perfect, but try running FNIS again or changing your camera angle.


[spoilers about the main story]

Why is the “After Alduin” quest not triggering after I defeated Alduin?

Make sure you triggered Bishop’s leaving dialogue right before setting off to Skuldafn on Odahviing. Talk to Bishop right after the conversation with Odahviing.


Q: Where can I find Bishop after I defeat Alduin?

A:You can find him at his favorite inn in Riverwood.


Q: Is this compatible with True Wolves of Skyrim?

A: Yes!


Q: Why can’t I ask Eira to follow me?

A: Dismiss Karnwyr and try again. You cannot have two animal/dog companion followers at once.


Q: I dismissed Bishop and I have not purchased a house OR gotten to the honeymoon cottage. Where can I find him again?

A: He will be outside the Sleeping Giant Inn in Riverwood. If he isn’t there, ‘wait’ a few hours in game and he will appear.


Q: Cael is not inside of Markarth anymore. Where can I find him?

A: Cael and his hunting party can be found south west(need to double check) of Markarth. Their scene has been entirely re-written.


Q: Julian grows in his bed anyway to fix this?

A: This Universal Race Scale Remover mod works!


Q: I am having clipping issues with my ballgown, what do I do?

A: Mesh clipping is caused by additional animations (idle, running, walking, etc) The ballgowns were made specifically for the waltz animations.


Amazing Skyrim Romance 3.0 Screenshots by GenuisTava!



Drunk Karnwyr Screenshot by Ruru