Hello Everyone,

Thank you so much for being patient!  We have been working out the last bit of bugs and errors with Skyrim Romance 2.0.  Digital Vixen has done a fantastic job and we are proud to announce that Skyrim Romance is now compatible with most (if not all) mods.  All bugs have been fixed with the new version that I am going to release.

As we perfect Skyrim Romance I greatly appreciate your guy’s patience in waiting so long!

Bugs that have been fixed

Summon Bishop spell now doesn’t spawn Bishop to you repeatedly

Bishop’s long arms have been removed and replaced with more realistic skeleton.

Animations – Will be dependent on Loverslab.  The new animations will have many different kissing animations, hug animation, male stripping animation, ballroom dancing animation and sex animation. Rated M.

85% of all dialogue has been rewritten.  New sassy and aggressive player dialogue options added for our players who just don’t want to put up with Bishops attitude.

Bishop – New voice actor River Kanoff

Darren – New voice actor Ivan Causey

Neeshka and Darren scene fixed from having Bishop being stuck.  Just speak to Bishop and scenes end immediatly after scene is played.

All hugs removed from dialogue in Non-Animation version to prevent the dreaded “hug death move” or having Bishop freezing in middle of dialogue.

If you lose Bishop going to Cael’s village.  Bishop will transport to you when his dialogue is triggered between him and Cael.

-Bishop is now made a standard follower and will now work with all multiple follower mods.

Also huge thank you to my beta testers for their dedication to testing everything again, again and again <3


Feature Image post

Strawberry fields by Isbjorg