I stepped out to the garden of Blue Palace from the ball room. Bishop was following me and I could tell from the tense air eminating from him that he didn’t quite like something.

“Ok, what’s the deal?” I asked as I turned to look at him.

Before I realized what was going on, he wrapped his arms around my waist and carried me into the shadows of the Palace’s columns. I exclaimed. This ranger just couldn’t really control his animal instincts when it came to me. Gosh, his jealousy was so over possessive sometimes…

“Where did he touch you”, he snarled silently, pushing me against the wall.

“What? Bishop, he was the perfect gentleman! Casavir didn’t do any–”

Where did he touch you“, he asked, hissing every word out between his teeth. His eyes were nailed on mine, his amber stare was burning through me.

He pressed me tighter against the cold stone wall, imprisoning me between his arms. His stare became more piercing. His breathing was heavy, as if he was working hard to keep himself at bay. The leash of a wild beast… that was about to snap… and then the prey would be consumed without hesitation…

Why on earth was I imagining myself being the helpless maiden in a wolves’ lair?

“Bishop, I told you, he was the perfect gentleman!”

I turned my eyes away from his piercing gaze. He sighed deeply sounding displeased and his index finger and thumb captured my chin between them and he forced me to face his flaring glare once more.

“I’m not going to ask nicely again, princess. Where ever he left his mark, I’m going to erase it… and replace it with mine.”

Each word was a silent growl. His chest rumbled as if a thunder storm was raging inside of him. I had never seen Bishop go mad like this. Just moments before he was the hero from a fairy tail – rescuing the princess from an evil prince’s grasp and now he was this beast, ready to devour the princess he had lured into a sweet embrace.

“Fine… I’ll show you.”

I took his other hand and placed it upon my waist, then I took his other hand and kept it in mine. I placed my free hand on his shoulder. I stepped forward and showed him the distance Casavir had held me. Close but not too close. Barely touching.

“We were just dancing, Bishop. Nothing more.”

“Can’t you understand it yet, princess? You belong to me”, he snarled and with the last words he said he brought his face near my neck and then his lips started to nibble my skin. His arms pulled me against his figure, tugging the fabric of my gown, as if he wanted to rip it off me and ravage me here and now. “And I won’t let anyone else touch you without my permission.”

“Bishop”, I gasped. “This… is not… the right time… nor place…”

His mouth sucked my neck, I felt his sharp canines nibbling it gently. I knew I could easily just get him off of me, but for the love of Sithis, this ranger always could find the chinks on my armor and invade right through them, making me defenseless. If this was a dragon fight, I could easily just dragonrend this bastard on the ground and keep him there till I was far enough to escape his claws.

“Your voice trembles. You can’t hide your desire when I’m stirring it up to the surface…” he whispered in a raspy voice. It send chills down my spine and I gasped.

“Bishop! Not here!”

I pushed him away and walked forward. I could feel the ranger’s stare on my skin, burning and piercing right through me. As hard as I tried to keep my cool, I had to wrap my arms around me and stop myself from turning around and leap into his hot, lustful embrace.

Bishop was right. He could stir my desire till it boiled over. And sometimes I hated him for it.


My blade pierced the dragon’s scaly head and I jumped off its head when it fell dead on the ground. I breathed heavily and watched the monster burn and give me its soul. I touched my side and grimaced. The pain made me fall down on my knees. I had forgotten I was injured.

“Princess!” Bishop exclaimed and then I was in his arms. “You’re hurt.”

“Don’t worry… I’ll be fine…” I panted.

“No you’re not, you’re bleeding badly. Do you have healing potions?”

“I gave most of them to you, remember?”

The ranger smirked like the bastard that he was. “And I have barely used them. Here.”

He supported me against his chest and he took one bottle of the red liquid. He pulled the cork off and he poured some of the liquid in my mouth.

“I’m not weak you idiot!” I exclaimed and took the bottle, drinking the liquid.

“I know…” he sighed.

Then I realized. The look on Bishop’s face. He was concerned, far more than that. Afraid? Afraid of what? Losing me? That would mean…

“Bishop, are you in love with me?” I asked while I swallowed the last drops of the potion.

He scoffed. “No! I told you you’re not my type!”

“And still you want me in your bedroll every night”, I mentioned and jumped on my feet and checked my side. The healing potion was taking effect and the wound was already healing.

I looked at Bishop who was staring at me with darken, piercing eyes. I looked at him with a question. Why so grumpy all of a sudden? At Solitude he was this possessive wild beast and now he was a sulking little boy.



Our words came out at the same time. We both stood there, staring at each other, frozen and out of words. My thoughts had vanished and the words that I had on the tip of my tongue found no voice. Bishop’s stare had changed. It was warm now, far from the usual mockery. He stepped closer, extending his hand to me.

I looked at it and then his face. I looked for something I could not quite explain to myself. After meeting Cael in Markarth Bishop had become rather possessive of me. And now after the ball he was even more so but this time I felt like it was more warm. Gentle.

“Bishop… I’m fine now. See, the wound is gone.”

“I wasn’t thinking of that, princess.” While he spoke, he let his hand fall back next to his side. Then he lifted both of them crossing them on his chest.

He looked cocky and arrogant while standing like that but all the while sexier than ever.

“Then what were you thinking, ranger?”

He smirked and his eyes flared.

I knew that look all too well. I sighed.

“You really just listen to your animal instincts, don’t you?” I said scoffing.

“Does it bother you, princess? Because I really do want to rip off your clothes and mark myself in you.”

I don’t know what came over me. But for some reason my hands started to remove my armor. First was my boots. I threw them at his face. Bishop’s face changed into surprise and he caught the boots mid-air.

“What the hell!?”

Next my gauntlets. They found their mark on his chest. Bishop groaned and his stare became more piercing.

“Princess”, he snarled at me. “Keep doing that and I’ll…”

I removed my chest piece veeery slowly. His eyes widened, his breathing quickened as I let him watch the show. Once the piece dropped on the ground, Bishop leaped towards me.

I threw my helmet across the air, hitting his head with it. Bishop let out a sound that reminded me of a wolf that was caught in a bear trap.

“Now there are no clothes to rip off me, ranger”, I said standing naked in front of him at the mercy of the cool breeze of the tundra.

Bishop swallowed loudly and his eyes wandered all over my body, clearly drinking the sights to the deepest parts of his brains.

“By the hell, woman”, he growled under his breath.

He leaped to catch me against his chest. His lips were on my neck and shoulder, going down to my chest. His hands kept me imprisoned as his rough lips conquered my breasts one at a time, making me moan loudly. I drowned my fingers into his hair and tugged it, pulling his head closer to my skin.

He could stir my desire to its full flame so quickly I cursed him for it, but oh, by the all mighty divines, I could not stop myself from wanting!

“Get your bedroll ready, ladyship, we’re going to need it”, he growled against my skin.

Two minutes later I was lying under Bishop, his skin pressing against mine, his lips wandering on my body, my hands walking across his muscular shoulders and arms. I wanted to be held tighter so I pressed myself against him. His mouth owned my breasts again, sucking and nibbling.

“Oh gods!” I gasped.

He pressed his hands against my hips, down to my thighs and then over to my inner thighs… then slowly up till…

“Bishop!” I sighed.

“Now tell me, princess, how much do I need to stir you from here till you given in?”

He slipped a finger inside me, pressing his hand against my womanhood. I gasped and moaned.

“A… a lot…” I whispered, trying to hide my lie. He had stirred me ever since we first met. I just never wanted to admit it.

His lips were on mine, he opened my mouth and his tongue dived right in. Mine joined to the dance while his fingers worked harder inside of me. The wild beast’s leash had snapped and I was being devoured. I was glad it was Bishop. I was glad it was him and no one else.

“Do I need to stir you more? Will you give in?” he whispered when he allowed me to catch my breath from his passionate kiss.

“I will never… oh!” I gasped and I felt another finger slip right in. He pressed them deeper, touching and stirring.

“I can do this all day, ladyship”, he said with slight lust in his voice.

“Bishop… don’t… oh gods!”

The waves of pleasure hit me hard and my mind went blank. I threw my head back and I clinged to Bishop with every ounce of strength I had. I lifted my body and exploded like a fireball. I screamed as I quaked within his grasp. Once the sensation subsided, I slumped against the bedroll, out of breath and totally consumed by this savage wolf of a man.

Bishop kissed me softly.

“You are so beautiful, dragon princess. I love the face you make when you get satisfaction from my touch.”

“Shut up”, I gasped.

“Mmm, but the thing is, my lady, I’m not quite finished with you yet.”

With that said he invaded me with one strong thrust, reaching to the very bottom of my being. I gasped and wrapped my arms around his neck.

“No, Bishop, wait!” I exclaimed. My lower body betrayed my words by pressing against his thrusts.

“I can see you don’t want me to wait, princess. And I won’t”, he growled and sped up.

While he thrusted his mouth conquered my neck and breasts. He sucked my skin harder and harder. I placed my hands on his hair and tugged it gently. I wanted more, so much more but I had no voice to tell it to him. He had stirred my desire far too well and I wanted him to consume it till I was completely his.

“Bishop…!” I gasped, pleading. I made my lower body press harder against him, begging for more.

“Feeling naughty, are we darling?” he whispered, lust dripping from his voice.

“More! I want more!”

He pulled out and I let out a moan if disapproval. But to my surprise he flipped me on to my stomach and then he was over me. His lips and hands walked across my back – from shoulders to my lower back.

“Bishop, please!” I begged.

He thrusted and at the same time he sucked my neck and his hands massaged my breasts gently. I was drowned into pleasure from all over that I could not stand it. His manhood reached places I had never known before. And it felt so good!

“You feel amazing, my princess”, he whispered against my skin.

“You – oh – too!”

He moved gently, drowning me into pleasure that was taking me over. My desire was boiling over and I wanted him more and more with every passing second. I moaned and screamed from pleasure. When I was about to explode, he flipped me on my back so that we could see each other.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled his head down so that I could devour his lips with mine. His heavy body kept me against the bedroll but I loved the feel of it. I tugged his hair and forced his head up so that I could stare into his eyes.

“Princess”, he whispered, voice full of lust.

“I love you Bishop!”

I couldn’t stop myself from screaming those words when I exploded. If this was our final day together, he should at least know. Even if he didn’t feel the same for me, I’d rather die knowing that he knew of my foolish feelings. And I would die content of the fact that I had met Bishop and was able to love someone like him for the very first time in my life…