Has anyone realised we’re uploading a video a day to countdown Fallout 4? It blew our minds yesterday heheh.

Here is the second part of the last episode. It’s almost ten minutes but it’s better than the half an hour it was before! Now, how to preface this one. Let’s clarify I was terrified because all my family were on the other side of the room and in clear view of my PC screen. I’ve seen that body mod before because I thought it wouldn’t give the males wasp-like waists. Big mistake. But I very clearly had uninstalled it before playing this mod…

The video now looks more or less exactly like my game. I, um, I can’t remember anything else that happens in the episode other than that scene. As well as Bri totally not realising she says the most explicit innuendo we’ve made yet. Our minds were in the gutter of gutters that morning.

I might put up us playing through Casavir and Thorn tomorrow but we’re not recording again until the animations. Keep in mind I spoke to Mara after showing us this and she laughed her head off. “Goddess of love” my arse, SHE PLANNED IT ALL ALONG! She also made a point to show me that Bishop does indeed have a bum. Such disgraceful decorum this team has. ABSURD I SAY.

So, names, what do you guys think me and Bri should be called as a duo?