Good morning/afternoon/evening, everyone, from the Skyrim Romance community! Today all of us from the crew have a new monthly event we would like to introduce to you all. Starting now on the 11th day of each month we will be hosting our National Karnwyr day. What kind of event will National Karnwyr day be you may ask? Well shush your pretty mouth Princess and we’ll tell you! National Karnwyr Day will be our monthly national pet day, where you all can submit pictures of you and your pets to us and even get them featured on our social media pages using the hashtag #KarnwyrDay on your photo (Hashtag must be edited onto the actual photo or be on a written piece of paper within the image).

How it works is when the post is made you submit the photo you want to be featured in our comments section on our social media sites or a channel in our discord. Submissions will be open from the day the post is made until the 5th (09/05/18) to ensure everyone gets the chance to submit and so we at the Skyrim Romance team can have a chance to sort your cute and funny pictures.

This event does not exclude any animals! Be it cat, dog, fish, spider, duck, moose! Tell us a little bit about them even! What’s their name? What breed are they? Would they totally be best friends with Karnwyr?

We are open to all submissions! So start dropping those awesome photos and we’ll see you guys on the 11th!


Note: This is totally not a way to find Karnwyr new play pals….



Article by DeskiEs

Edited by Archangel & Eboni

Cover Art by Eboni