Hey guys!

As we are still on the road to release we’ve had some encouraging words and teasing trailers for you, but this one comes straight from the ranger’s mouth. I’ll refrain from making awful bow jokes.

As a team, we do not accept donations personally as we are not in this for the profit. Any donations to “the team” go towards paying for the website and we let you know if that ever becomes vital.


Our voice actors are not so free as we are. This is their career and livelihood and they have worked on the mod without pay in goodwill as we are not capable of giving them that. In the case of River, he has done more lines for the mod (it’s in the thousands) than any professional would consider sane, and each line has been undeniably exceptional.


So if you have some loose change, throw it at his shiny Paypal button as a way of thanks, if you wish!

Think about it, you could literally be buying Bishop a pizza.
And without further ado, here’s his message:


“Hello ladyships!

The team asked me to say a few things about the mod to hype the release of the update! Heyooooo come ooooooon why aren’t you all cheeriiiiiiiing this is really embarassiiiiiiiing– I kid, I kid. I’m actually here to thank you all SO MUCH for the patience and support you’ve given us all while we actively add and improve this already incredibly ambitious mod.

We’re all as excited and ready to release and play the final polished version of Skyrim Romance as you are! AND while we plug away at that, we’re also working hard on the equally-ambitious new chapter, “Forbidden Love.” Every time I get to sit in the writer’s room, check out the new assets, see a new trailer, or even just come hang out in the chat room with everyone; I’m filled with a kind of joy and purpose you can only get from working together with so many talented artists who really are doing this out of personal passion for the project.

The fans are an enormous part of fuelling that passion. Peers and friends often ask me (and I’m sure they ask the rest of the team) why I would take on this amount of work for no promise of payment whatsoever, when I have a two year-old daughter and an acting career that’s still just barely left the ground. I always tell them the same thing; because we have the most amazing fans. That we can put the kind of attention-to-detail and care into what most people would just dismiss as “unofficial” is due only to the motivation and fulfillment we get from knowing that all our hard work is being played and enjoyed by one of the most incredible communities a mod could ask for.

That being said, I can’t drive home enough how much we appreciate your patience and understanding that because we are doing this on our own time and money, the releases will take time, and we prefer not to set hard public deadlines in case we do need a little more time. The team is always looking for talented artists to throw their hat into the ring, so keep posting your awesome creative works in the forum! And if you really want to help another way, we can’t charge for commercial use of Bethesda’s assets, but we CAN accept donations for the art we contribute to the mod ourselves!

Click to donate!

Whether you contribute or just play, you are the oxygen this team needs to going, so thank you so much! And keep it up!

All the best,

River K.”