I am so blessed and happy to have all of you! Thank you all for being so patient with the Skyrim Romance Animated 3.0 update. Our team has accomplished amazing things and as a present I wanted to go over all the goodies that come with the new update.

Let’s start with how many new lines there are…

A whopping 2000 lines of dialog, quest related and otherwise, has been added along with new NPCs and encounters. Our Voice actors have done a truly fantastic job of bringing the entire romance mod to vivid life. We are certain everyone will truly enjoy and love Skyrim Romance 3.0


  • Bishop with improved and high definition standalone face textures
  • 100+ new NPC’s added to various locations
  • 3 Added Suitors and romantic scenes; Jack the Pirate, Alec Prince of Song and Darren.
  • Bishop and Dragonborn’s child with custom voice and custom appearance




  • 2 Passionate kissing animations
  • 1 Holding animation
  • 1 Ballroom dancing animation
  • 1 Birthing animation
  • 100+ Intimate and Sex animations (sexlab)


  • A new Cael encounter and scene has been added. Where you will meet the Forsworn chief Cael and his hunting party in the wilderness.
  • Thorn’s location and scene have been moved to a cave, along with a new conversation with Bishop that will allow the the player to accept or decline the quest to find and kill Thorn and a brand new conversation between you and bishop after this encounter.
  • The Honeymoon Cottage has been completely re-designed inside and out. A basement has been added with tons of new features which all makes for a very beautiful, customized player home.
  • A second wedding location has been made in a forest location surrounded by an ancient garden. You can choose in which location you would prefer to get married to Bishop.
  • A completely re-done Grand Crystal Ballroom with sapphire chandeliers and gold accents. With all custom voiced NPCs and ballroom dance animations.
  • A theater with an stunning stage draped in red velvet where Alec will perform.
  • A pirates ship off the coast of Solitude’s docks
  • Cragslane Cavern bugs fixed with conflicting quests for Riften Thane.



  • 12 Gorgeous Assorted Ballgowns made with several different textured styles
  • 3 Men’s Ballroom attired outfits
  • Bishops brand new and custom textured ranger armor with coordinating quiver and custom bow.
  • Karnwyr with True Wolves skin and AI package of Skyrim dog with a re-hire and dismiss feature.

Unique Features

  • A in-depth pregnant cycle built into Skyrim Romance 3.0 with growing belly to accommodate any body type.
  • Many new romantic scenes and conversations with Bishop; with reduced sexual aggression, but still true to his character.
  • Flirt Menu descriptions completely re-written for all subtitles.

Eventhough we do not have a set date for release now, we hope you have enjoyed watching and reading these previews!

And as always, we will keep you updated about the mod’s progress.

Have a wonderful day everyone!