I forced my horse gallop faster on the treacherous mountain path. One slip and we’d both fall into our doom, but with fool’s luck I somehow managed arrive safely to the village – to my forsworn home. Once I was at the entrance of Cael’s village, I dismounted and ran through it. Everyone was asleep. The guards greeted me with a polite gesture and I nodded to them.

“Is Cael here”, I asked.

“He’s in his tent, I think.”

I ran through the village. I wanted to see my mate – I wanted to see Cael. I had been away for so long it felt like a lifetime had passed us by.

As I entered Cael’s big tent, I saw him sleeping on his big double bed. A pile of books was beside him. He had been drowning himself into stories… I bet he was doing that just to pass time and have something else to think about. But I knew him. Because I felt his longing – it was as deep and overpowering as my own.

I walked the small distance between the entrance and the bed, sitting down on the edge of it and placing my hand on his cheek. He shifted and let out a deep sigh. His lips moved, whispering my name. A tear fell down from his eye, I wiped it away quickly before anyone else could see it. I was his weakness and his strength just as he was mine. My beloved, my mate for life – no – for all eternity till time itself dies and turns into ashes.

“Cael”, I called out gently, my voice barely a whisper. “I’m back. I’m home. I’m sorry I was away for so long…”

I caressed his cheek and ran my fingers through his white hair. He looked so beautiful like an angel sleeping on clouds. I decided to join his slumber.

I occupied the empty space beside him. I wrapped my arms around him and pressed myself against his figure. I kept running my fingers through his hair very gently and kissed his lips carefully.

I fell asleep. The next thing I realized was his arms wrapping around me and he pulled me into a kiss that was so passionate, deep and full of desire it caught me by surprise.

He came over me, imprisoning me with his body against the furs. His hands traveled across my figure – from shoulders to my thighs.

“My eternal love! I have missed you so terribly! By the old gods”, he whispered under his breath as he kissed me over and over again. “If this is a dream, I never want to wake up! My sparrow, my beloved!”

His embrace became even more passionate. He removed all of my armor and he tossed the pieces across the tent. Once our bare skins touched one another, the shocks of electricity caused me to gasp for air. How dared my body forget Cael’s warmth? How did I let myself forget how passionate he was? How his kisses were so full of love? How did I dare to forget all of the sweet sensations his closeness made me feel?

How many days had passed? I didn’t remember and I had lost count after fourth day.

“Cael, my love, calm down. Look at me”, I pleaded silently.

He lifted his gorgeous face and I stared into his eyes. They were dark with desire and I could see deep frown on his angelic forehead. The dark circles around his eyes spoke of nights without sleep. He seemed to have lost some weight too.

“I want you”, he whispered sounding almost desperate.

I felt a rush of blood. Those words woke my sleeping desire and it was taking over me ferociously. I wanted him too. I let out a gasp as the flaring desire was overcoming me already. I wanted him to be the one consuming me… devouring me… burning me…

“Take me, Cael. I’m yours”, I whispered silently for I felt like the desire had stolen my voice.

He smiled gently. His mouth started to fumble my skin. First my face, my lips, my neck. Then down to my breasts. His rough hands walked down before his velvet lips reached the places he had just touched. Oh the sweet, sweet torture! I gasped when I felt myself reaching the point of explosion. Just by his caresses alone!

I guess we had been apart for far too long. My body had started to forget the pleasure he was able to give me. My longing and missing were transformed into passion so strong it scorched me from the very core of my being.


He stopped just below my navel and his eyes looked up to me.

“I, um, I have not washed myself in days… I…”

“You taste of forest, rain and smoke. I find it quite sensual”, he said quietly, placing kisses upon my stomach. “I want you now.”


I exclaimed with a plead. Not sure if I wanted him to stop there or continue till I was completely exhausted. His mouth was placing kisses all over my thighs. I moaned silently, begging him to fulfill the promise of pleasure.

He dived in me with his tongue. I gasped as the desire flared inside me, making me explode. I gasped as I quaked, trembled and shivered as the raging waves of pleasure washed over me. I arched my back, wanting to feel him more. I had forgotten how he could make me feel this much satisfaction.

“My sparrow, you are so beautiful.”

His voice rang in my ears as if he spoke from afar.

He flipped me over to my stomach, placing kisses on my back, pressing his hands on my waist. He made me lift my lower body and he opened my legs with his hard, throbbing and hot manhood. One quick thrust melted our bodies into one and I moaned out loud. I had never felt him like this – he took me from places I had never thought could feel so good.

“Cael! I… oh gods!”

I felt him deep inside me – so hot and warm. Cael’s heavy body came over me and his fingers intertwined with mine. I smiled as he kissed me lovingly. He moved gently, slowly, kissing and holding me within the cage of passion. He made my body tremble and quake as he poured his passionate love within me with each move he made.

Once the first wave of his love was over and we both slumped on the furs, exhausted and out of breath, I straddled him, smiling seductively.

“Cael, you’ll eat me alive one of these days”, I scolded him in a playful voice.

“The Wolf devours what he truly wants, my sparrow.”

He smiled as he placed his hands on my hips. He looked like he wanted more. And I totally wanted more and more of him!

“I need to take my bath, darling”, I said and stood up.

I didn’t get very far when I felt a fur coat land on my shoulders, Cael’s quick sweep of a hand and I was in his arms. I wrapped the coat tighter around me and pressed myself closer to his wide chest.

“Let me join you, my beautiful sparrow”, he whispered gently, pressing a kiss on my forehead.

He carried me outside and he whistled sharply, calling for his mount. When Yakul stopped in front of us, Cael lifted me on its back, jumping right behind me. His arms surrounded me, securing me against his chest. With slight orders Yakul walked through the village and when we passed the guards, they made a respectful gesture.

Then Yakul flew through the terrain.

I was amazed how swift and sure its steps were, even though it carried two rather heavy people on its back. I was not afraid of falling, these elks never let their rider fall. Cael’s embrace was so firm and loving I pressed myself closer against him.

“Where are we going? There’s a bathing area in your village”, I said slightly bemused.

“To a more secure area, my beloved sparrow. I wish to be with you alone.”

He turned my face to look at him and then his velvet lips were on mine. Devouring, invading, nibbling and sucking gently and lovingly. Just with that kiss alone he was able to wake my desire back to its full flame. My skin tingled and I let out a gasp.

“What’s wrong, my sparrow”, he whispered seductively in my ear.

“N-nothing, my love”, I exclaimed slightly out of breath.

He smiled gently and I pressed my head against his shoulder. I had missed his closeness, his warmth, his soothing voice and the look in his eyes whenever our gazes met. The gentleness of his touch, the wild, fiery kisses, the sweet, sweet torture he gave to me when our desires had grown too much and it needed to be consumed in the shadows of twilight.

Cael and I rode till we found ourselves in the forest behind his village. Flowers, trees and grass were so green, so vivid with color I thought I had traveled into Heaven with him. Yakul walked through the forest till we arrived to the small lake that was round and the water was just as blue as Cael’s eyes. Cael jumped off and he helped me down, keeping the coat around me. He carried me towards the water.

“Did I ever say how much I had missed you, my dearly beloved sparrow”, he asked as he took off the coat around me.

“No, but you surely showed me not moments ago… in your tent”, I said as I jumped into the water.

He chuckled, his eyes looking at me apologetically. “That was my fault, my dearly beloved. I’m sorry. I hope I didn’t hurt you.”

“No, my love”, I shook my head. “You are unable to hurt me.”

I wanted to say it had felt amazing and that I wanted him to do it again, but I stopped myself.

He removed his armor and jumped in to the water pulling me underwater to give me a kiss. Once we surfaced he started to wash me with a cloth and a nice smelling soap he had brought with him.

Each brush send waves of electrical shocks throughout my whole body, to my very core. It made my skin tingle and I let out small moans every now and then. I enjoyed every moment.

His finger traced down a scar on my back.

“This is new”, he said silently.

How on earth he could remember each battle scar I had? I tried to count the times he had seen me without clothes – which was quite many – and close enough to count my scars which was not so many. I guess I was vividly drawn into his mind just like he was in mine. Though in my thoughts Cael was not as perfect and beautiful as the real one.

“That was from a bandit attack. I was doing a small job for the Jarl in order to get some gold to repair my armor”, I told him.

“Where?” he asked with a dark, dangerous tone. “Who ever dared to scar my beautiful goddess, I’ll go tear the whole place down till it’s dust in the wind.”

Cael placed kisses on the scar, brushing it all the way from top to bottom and back up again. Each kiss was more gentle than the other and I was sure he wanted to make it disappear with them.

“No need. I already did.”

Gods his velvet lips made my whole body flare with desire. I wanted to consume and I wanted to be consumed again and again till all of me was gone and till all of Cael was no more. Then we could be together as one, melted into one being for all eternity.

I turned around and pressed myself against him, wrapping my arms around his shoulders. I looked deeply into his gleaming blue eyes, sending a silent plea through mine.

“Mmm, my sparrow”, he whispered.

“I want you, Cael”, I demanded silently.

“Then make me want you too, my dragon slayer.”

He grinned widely and wildly. I let my hands wander down his body to his hips and then I started to massage his manhood. Cael let out a growl of pleasure.

“Gods”, he gasped under his breath.

“I guess I don’t have to do this too long, my love. You’re already quite…”

“No, continue. Your hand feels so good…” he moaned softly.

He pulled me closer and then I felt his two fingers slip right inside of me. I gasped and forgot my hand on his manhood. I concentrated too much on the pleasure he was giving me.

“Your hand stopped…”, Cael groaned silently the unsaid plea.

“But… you… oh by the old gods!”

I pressed myself against his hand and wrapped both of my arms around him. He pushed deeper and I moaned loudly. I wrapped my legs around his hips and leaned back, his free hand supporting me from my back.

“Cael, don’t stop”, I pleaded gasping.

His mouth conquered my breasts one at a time. Their velvet like brushes made me tremble and moan loudly as his fingers impaled me over and over again. I couldn’t stop myself. When I exploded I bit his shoulder and let myself scream against his skin. I tasted his blood in my mouth, but once the massive earthquake inside of me subsided, I healed the bite marks with a restoration spell.

“My sparrow…”, Cael whispered silently. His hand caressed my hair, his lips brushed over my neck, up to my cheek and then they found mine in a flaring kiss.

Our tongues danced wildly against each other, arms wrapped tighter around each other’s bodies pulling and pressing closer and closer but never close enough to make us feel satisfied.

He lifted me up from the water and carried me to the shore. He put me down on the flower bed and joined our bodies into one. He moved slowly, intertwining our fingers together, our gazes locked on each other. Our moans filled the forest around us as we consumed each other again and again. In his passionate embrace I exploded into billions of fireballs till I was exhausted.

We were lying on the flowers gazing at the bright afternoon sky. We held our hands together, saying nothing. We were just listening to the silence that was not silent.

“My sparrow”, Cael was the first to break the silence between us.

“Yes, my beloved”, I looked up to his face and smiled as I saw him smile. He caressed my cheek sweetly.

His mouth was devouring mine before I realized what was going on. His hands firmly pulled me over him and I pressed myself against his body, our lips joined, our tongues dancing wildly till we both ran out of breath. I looked up into his eyes and saw his flaring desire burning anew. Mine was the same.

“Cael, how many times are we going to…”

I couldn’t finish my question when he silenced me with another passionate kiss. His hand drowned into my hair and he gently pushed my head against his. I had to break myself free in order to breathe.

“Do you not understand, my love? You were away for an endless eternity! I missed you so horribly… every night was chaotic, every morning was so lonely… books brought me no comfort, hunting and gathering just reminded me of you and your quests. I sent scouts to bring me news of you, bringing nothing but rumors. I was…”

His voice trailed into whispered sadness and he cried out. His hands pulled me against his chest and I gladly pressed myself against it, listening to his breathing and heartbeats. I heard his silent sniffling and as I looked up again I saw tears in his eyes.

“No, Cael… you’re a chieftain!”

I wiped his tears with my kisses. I realized I had missed him just as much. My nights were chaotic, my mornings were so very lonely. In the darkness of ruins I tried to remember his voice, warning me, telling me he would protect me. Sometimes I had found myself seeing him in the corner of my eye and when I turned to look he was no longer there. In the torch light the ruins seemed haunting. I remembered all the dragons I had killed without his aid. How I feared this would be the last of me when a dragon used its breath attack. And I remembered the silent prayers of mine in the midst of countless of battles I faced alone… if I lived another day, I would go to Cael as soon as possible. I would stay with him. I would go back into his arms, alive.

“My dearly beloved sparrow, I show my tears to you and you alone. And you, my dear dragon slayer, you too show them to me and to me alone…”

He caressed my cheeks and I realized he was wiping my tears away.

“Silly us… crying…” I cried out silently.

“No, my beloved, it’s overflowing love.”

He could not be more right about that!

The kiss that followed was gentle, full of love and passion. The kind that was meant to say “I love you” and nothing else.

Hands started to explore bare skin, lips started to place kisses everywhere. Each and every caress and kiss was more passionate than the other. It became a waltz of lust. Hands intertwined, lips and tongues battled against each other till they were exhausted and sought to breathe in the smell of the loved one.

“Cael…” I whispered and looked into his eyes. They were dark but so full of love I felt like I was drowning in them.

“My dearly beloved mate”, he whispered back, caressing my cheek and brushing my hair off my face.

I slid myself down a bit till my womanhood was touching his hot and hard manhood. Cael gasped as he felt my moist gates of heaven.

“Are you sure we can be alone for long? It’s afternoon already, your tribe is waking up.”

“They won’t search for me. My second in command will handle things till I get back. Which means… I could stay here forever with you and no one would come to disturb us. We might as well change this place into our own little plane of Oblivion, my sparrow.”

I moved slightly and made him groan. I could see he was holding himself back. He felt me just as much as I felt him.

I let out a small giggle. He was always so serious when he was saying all the poetic things with that soothing voice of his. I loved how every word was dripping with lust and love equal to mine.

“Cael, do you want me”, I teased as I slid over him again.

He grimaced and gasped. “Yes, I do. More than you can imagine!”

His hands walked from my hips up to my waist, sides and then he cupped my breasts. I let out a moan as his rough hands massaged my sensitive skin.

“You are so beautiful! My goddess of fire!”

I lifted myself and let his manhood inside of me. Slowly, very slowly till his hands flew on my hips and he pushed me down all the way. I screamed from the shocks of pleasure it made me feel.

“You tease me, my sparrow. I can’t hold it anymore. You allure me into traps of temptation and it’s something I don’t like… it makes me think irrational things.”

His voice was deep, hoarse and full of lust.

“C-Cael”, I gasped while my body was trembling and quaking.

He lifted his lower body, moving in and out slowly. I moaned and gasped and leaned my hands against his shoulders. Soon I found myself sitting on his lap, his arms wrapped around me and our bodies moving in unison.

Our lips sought to lick, suck and devour. Our eyes stared into endless abysses of mine and his. Fingers ran through hair and skin, his hands and mouth pressed against my neck and shoulders. Our voices called names – mine his and his mine. If the sun went behind clouds during our mating, I called it back with my shout.

“My sparrow, my eternal love”, he whispered.

“I want you so much more, Cael!”

He grinned and he pushed me on my back against the flowers. He lifted my legs on his shoulders and thrusted deep. I gasped and cried out from pleasure. All the while I was staring into his eyes and saw his lips draw into a wild smile.

“Do you feel this”, he asked.

“How – ah – I can not – oh gods – feel it?” I moaned. His manhood had reached so deep in me that I feared he had impaled me with it. “You’re so deep… oh gods…”

“Does it hurt”, he asked carefully.

I shook my head as a no. The pleasure was overflowing and it sapped away my voice for words. I lifted my lower body against him and moaned when that movement made me feel him even more.

“Can I move?”

“Yes! Oh gods… yes”, I gasped.

He placed his hands on my waist and thrusted gently. I gasped again. I threw my head back and pressed myself against him. The pleasure made my mind go blank and I could do nothing but concentrate on his movements. Gently, slowly. He impaled me again and again, taking me from places I had never known would feel so good.

“Cael…” I moaned.

I extended my arms towards him. I wanted to hold him in my arms. He smiled as he read my silent plea from my eyes. He softly placed my legs back on the ground and came over me. His lips devoured mine and he moved faster. I wrapped my arms and legs around him and lifted myself against him. His arms caught me in a strong cage and he supported my weight on them as he moved faster and faster.

“I love you, Cael”, I screamed the words out loud when he released my lips as I exploded.

“My beloved, you are my one true mate”, he answered softly.

I felt his last, deep thrust and the warm love that was pouring in me. We slumped on the flowers, exhausted and out of breath. I was completely consumed and I was glad that it was Cael that had devoured me – just as I had wanted.

I ran my fingers through his hair and kissed his forehead.

“How long was I gone, exactly”, I asked.

“Over a month, my dearly beloved”, he whispered. “It was agonizing!”

“I must make it two next time. I want to know what you’ll do.”

He lifted his face to look at me. The look was rather panicky. “NO! Do not torture me in such way, my sparrow!”

I giggled. “But if one month makes you this wild…”

“Oh, so that’s why”, he said darkly. “My sparrow, you do know I have limits but sometimes it’s hard not to go over them with you as my mate.”

I kissed his lips. “I know that, my love. But really, I do wish to know…”

“I’ll show you once we’re back in the village, my dearly beloved. I won’t let you go anywhere. For the next two months you will see my full passion come to life…”

I could not wait!