*ahem* Yes, right, back to the subject of importance. There is no actual countdown but regardless, you have waited. For so very long. Days and nights have been spent waiting. Weeks and months, years and decad- OK not that long, BUT WAIT NO MORE! Because, ladies and gentleladies and princesses and tavern wenches, the wait is over.


Skyrim Romance 2.0 will be released TONIGHT!


Yes, tonight. Though I don’t know what that means for you international time-travelling folks but it will be available within 12 hours. Providing that Mediafire’s uploading behaves. It will be able to be downloaded from the main page as the old version usually was and from a link within a post that will be published when it is uploaded by Mara.

This isn’t actually the download, I’m just passing on the message and informing you to prepare yourselves. And to breathe!

I am of course talking about the new Bishop with his new voice actor, River Kanoff (expect something from him after the release… Not that kind of thing, tut tut.), multitudes of rewritten lines and options, many bug fixes and the ability to recall Karnwyr if you dismiss that mangy old dog, et cetera. However this is not the version with animations! That one is still being created but hey now, I think all the previously mentioned features make up for that, just a little bit. 😉

I repeat, not the animated version! This is just the version with suggestive subtitles for those unmentionable scenes, brand spanking new voice of River Kanoff, and bug fixes.


– AlassinSane