Hi everyone.
I understand that you all are eager to try the new version of SRM with the animations added – and believe me so are many of us on the team but we’re still working towards it.
We made a decision, quite recently in fact, that we shouldn’t try to make our own implementation of animations (which was the goal from the start) because it would make those of you who are already using the mods off of LL unable to utilize those mods in conjunction with Bishop. Not to mention that the amount of animations would be severely limited (if by nothing else then by development time).
So we will base our animated release on SexLab. SexLab in and off itself is only a framework, besides animations it doesn’t contain anything at all besides the name. To trigger anything in it you will need a secondary mod such as SRM.
This means that if you would want to use any other mods found on that site it will be 100% compatible with SRM right out of the box but you don’t need any further mods from LL to make this work.
So lets move on to the installation instructions. Remember, this is only true for the Animated version of the mod!


NOTE! If nothing else is specified – grab the main download of the latest version.
NOTE2! If nothing else is specified – pick whatever options during the installation that you feel that you want.


1. Download and install “SKSE” (this should be done manually, but there IS a installer file on the site that you can use although we can’t help you with it if there are issues).
– Should be installed directly into Skyrim\ directory and NOT into DATA directory as most other mods are.
– The standard installation path for Skyrim is: C:\Programs\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim


2. Download and install “Realistic Ragdolls and Force” with your favourite mod-manager
2a. Download and install “Enhanced Character Edit” with your favourite mod-manager
2b. Download and install “RaceMenu” with your favourite mod-manager
2c. Download and install “NetImmerse Overide” with your favourite mod-manager


3. Download and install “XPMSE” with your favourite mod-manager.
– During installation, make sure you chose the HDT skeleton and accompanying files.
– The extra skeletons for various creatures can be omited, but doesn’t hurt to install.
– If you wish to use the alternate animations, feel free to do so but they’re not required.
– Only choose the RaceMenu plugin if you choose to install RaceMenu in the next step.


4. Download and install “SkyUI with your favorite mod-manager.


5. Download and install “Schlongs of Skyrim” with your favorite mod-manager.
– Choose the file “SOS – Schlongs of Skyrim –” to download.
– Choose the regular Schlong or bigger, NOT smurf.

6. Download and install “SexLab” with your favorite mod-manager (NOTE! Loverslab requires you to register a user account before downloading, it’s pretty standard forum stuff).

– Choose the file “SexLabFramework_v162_FULL.” to download.


7. Download and install “FNIS” with your favorite mod-manager (NOTE! FNIS doesn’t support MO, if you’re using MO you’re essentially on your own).
– Wait till everything is installed.


8. Time to run FNIS.
– Find your Skyrim\Data\tools\GenerateFNIS_for_Users directory where your copy of Skyrim is installed (usually C:\Programs\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim).
– Run the file called “GenerateFNISforUsers.exe”.
– Check the box “SKELETON Arm Fix”.
– Click on “Update FNIS Behaviour”.
– Once the “Update FNIS Behaviour” button is clickable again you can close the program IF there are no errors or warnings.
– If you get any errors or warnings during this phase, backtrack this document to see if you missed a step.
– If you are still are getting errors, please post the FULL output from the FNIS window in your request for help, it will be needed.


9. Load order – make sure you’re loading in the correct order (NOTE! Load Bishop as close to the .esm files as possible to make sure that if you have any custom male bodies or textures they’re not overwritten).
Schlongs of Skyrim – Core.esm
Skyrim Romance Animated.esp
SOS Racemenu.eps
SOS – VectorPlexus Regular
dD – Realistic Ragdoll Force – Realistic.esp


10. Start Skyrim and Go into the SkyUI menu and select Sexlab and click install and exit.  Might take a minute till it gives you a notification it has installed.
– Mara & DigitalVixen
Featured Image by Isbjorg