Travelling alone the deadly lands of Skyrim is not only foolish, but a guaranteed death. “Humbug!” said a large orc, as he sipped his stale drink and, he recalled a moment in which he single-handedly fought off a sabre cat and a pack of wolves. Five other patrons listened attentively to this orc’s tall tale as he moved on to fighting against a group of Hagravens who summoned a blood dragon. A hooded man in the back chuckled.

The orc huffed. “What are you laughing at, milk-drinker?”

The man looked up, revealing a large gash across his right eye and ending at the bottom of his left jaw. “Just wondering when Alduin and Talos are gonna come in to your story,” the man said, causing an uproar of laughter from the other patrons. Before the situation would elevate to a bothersome fist-fight, the man stood up, paid for his drink and left the inn.


The harsh blizzard engulfed Windhelm. The man figured it’s best to move on than to stay and probably get murdered by that fibbing orc in his sleep, Plus, he was not a big fan of crowds and often limited his stays in civilization to less than three hours.

He crossed Windhelm’s bridge and persevered along the rough environment. At the end was his beloved silver mare, a great companion which saved his hide more times than any two-legged being did. He fed her a carrot before mounting her, and disappearing into the deadly cold night.


One-handed, two-handed, bow and arrow, take your pick. With any physical weapon you can mount your horse and annihilate those that stand in your way. Unfortunately, magic users are exempted from mounted combat because a flamethrower on a horse isn’t exactly fair and you’d as soon burn or dismember your arm before you could deal any damage.


If you’ve played through Skyrim Romance’s older versions, you would remember Cael leading you further South West of Skyrim. He and his clan were situated not too far from Markarth. Upon arrival, you are met by the Forsworn leaders and a large elk whom Cael later introduces you to. No doubt, one of the first thoughts that came into many players’ heads when they saw the elk was “Can I ride it?”

Unfortunately, during the early versions you can’t do much at Cael’s camp as the Skyrim Romance was centered around Bishop and your Dragonborn’s story. However, the announcement of Forbidden Love paved way for many exciting additions and experiments for the team, including an elk mount. Say no to generic horse mounts! Say yes to ramming your enemies with the large and deadly antlers of your elk. With the endless possibilities of Skyrim modding, you can count on having a large elk to aid your battles and adventures with Cael.

The planned mechanisms include the standard mounted combat (one-hand, two-hand, bow and arrow combat, with the addition of being able to ram your enemies. The Forbidden Love team also have plans to have your elk be customisable. Similar to Dragon Age: Origins’ Mabari hounds, you’ll be able to add war paints which give the elk and rider additional skills to that would aid them in battle. The elks will also have original textures, that shall be seen in the elk mount test video that is soon to be released with a review written by one of our lovely marketing team members.

With the current rate of production for the Forbidden Love, it won’t be long until players will be able to experience the team’s elk mount, complete with romance and quest (with Cael of course, not the elk!) No longer will you traverse the deadly lands of Skyrim with a fear of death or your companion abandoning you. Your elk will be as forever loyal to you just as the Forsworn are to their cause.



Blogger: Arakhiin

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