We welcome 2017 with excitement and good thoughts! A lot of amazing things happened in 2016 and our community has grown the most it ever has in the history of Skyrim Romance. Our total amount of views of the site have hit a record high of more than 2,196,459.

We began 2016 with a triumphant victory with Skyrim Romance 2.0 landing Mod of the Month for December 2015 on Nexus. The spectacular in-depth romance Forbidden Love was announced in 2016, a DLC sized mod with Cael the Forsworn chief as the main romance option. With the passion to finish Skyrim Romance I began to turn my attention toward adding animations to Skyrim Romance 3.0. With now a year into the development Skyrim Romance 3.0 it is twice the size of Skyrim Romance 2.0.
The amount of new exciting features of Skyrim Romance 3.0 has far exceeded anyones expectations and wildest dreams. I can say with confidence that everything we could have hoped and dreamed for to be in Skyrim Romance is now in the mod and call Skyrim Romance 3.0 a true masterpiece. Usually the mods were released around Christmas time and the New Year, I decided to take 2016 one step at a time when it came to piecing the mod together, not know how long it would take or when the journey would come to an end. With 2017 here we continue the development Skyrim Romance 3.0 full steam ahead. I look forward to our community growing bigger and us spreading our friendship all over the world! So into 2017 we come, heads held high, hearts aflame with love and our spirits kind and generous.

I owe so much to my team that has grown strong and determined on our goals. Together as a community we can overcome anything and with effort and determination we will complete Skyrim Romance 3.0 with a strong finish, one that even Bishop would applaud!

Happy New Year!!!!