To be fair, Forbidden Love is all we discuss these days so it’s natural that at some point we’d forget we were supposed to be testing a mod and idly chatter while Cael glared at us for an entire Skyrim day. We give River a compliment and go to visit my favourite encounter so shh, it still counts as beta testing!
If it isn’t clear, “the mod” we keep randomly talking about (or just start talking about something out of the blue) while disregarding Skyrim Romance Mod, which we did not write, is Forbidden Love. As has been mentioned before, it will take place in an entirely different “reality” to SRM so has nothing to do with it and Cael will have quite a lot of changes. Such as your first meeting with him being entirely different. What happened in SRM stays in SRM.

Back to the subject at hand though, Kale or Kay-ell? Nobody knows the answer, not the creator, not our VAs, not even my own father. (Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo) Which do you prefer?


I captured this in the wrong resolution so lighting issues and blurring prevailed but the next one (Part 3) will be a full 1920×1080 detailed video because I’ve fixed the lighting! Fingers crossed that YouTube doesn’t spit it out.

At least I didn’t de-forehead Bri this time, right?