Frequently asked questions
1)  Will this mod interfere with any other mods?
Answer:  So far NO mods interfere with this mod, this mod works with all the mods tested with it.
2) Do you need a clean save to play this mod?
Answer: You do NOT need a clean save to play this mod.  The mod will work with any save you or have.  It also works will all races and sexes.  Though the PC will always be referenced as a she.
3) Do you plan on making any romance mods for guys?
Answer: I definitely plan on making romances for the guys.  There are way too many mods out there for guys, but no romance mods.  Guys need love too.  But for now ladies first.  😉
4) When will the mod be released?
Answer: Very soon, though I’m not putting out a release date because I don’t want this mod to be rushed.  I want it to be well made and be worth the wait.
5) Are those animations I see on your website going to be in mod?
Answer: Some of the animations will be and some animations like the sex animations will definitely be a downloadable add-on aside from the main Skyrim Romance Mod download.
6) Who are the marriage options and followers?
Answer: The only marriage option and follower is Bishop.  Though there might be more in the future depending on which the fans would like to become a main romance/ follower.
7) Is this mod going to be in any other languages?
Answer: Some very talented people have come forward asking permission to translate this mod into another language.  So if you up for it, feel free to change/translate this mod as you want 🙂
If you have any more questions feel free to contact me through my email.
Thank you,