Forbidden Love artists Maki, Essylrui, Ashleigh and Kaylee are doing fantastic concept art for the upcoming mod Forbidden Love which features Cael as the main romance.

Concept Art – Creature Location Concepts -Maki

Concept Art – Environmental Concepts -Maki

For my inspiration for the Tribal outfits, I took a look on how the Inuit tribes used fur and skin/leather to give Cael’s tribe a unique but still a Forsworn-y look. I also took a peek into the Paleolithic Age. I also like the way they both used bones for toys, which can be seen in the hands of the little girl : 3

Forgot little old Shaman lady~! No clothes for now but I liked the concept ^_^

Concept Art – Environmental Concepts -Maki

Concept Art – Cael Outfits -Ashleigh

Concept Art – Tribal Outfits – Kaylee

Concept Art – Character Concepts -Maki

The pyromanic mage apprentice :’D

Sila, apparentice to the Shaman and a talanted mage, was young when she lost her parents to a raid but it hasn’t dampered her view on life and is eager to take on it’s oppertunities: like making the next new spell with a BOOOM!

Just remember kids:

Don’t do stupid!

The very two first sketches of Sila

I had no plans on doing any voice acting but I thought it was the best way to describe Sila.

More messy sketches! : ‘D