Forbidden Love artists Maki, Essylrui, Ashleigh and Kaylee are doing fantastic concept art for the upcoming mod Forbidden Love which features Cael as the main romance.

Concept Art – Main Quest Location Concepts -Essylrui

Briarheart Cavern Sacrificial Chamber

Concept Art – Creature Location Concepts -Maki

Concept Art – Environmental Concepts -Maki

For my inspiration for the Tribal outfits, I took a look on how the Inuit tribes used fur and skin/leather to give Cael’s tribe a unique but still a Forsworn-y look. I also took a peek into the Paleolithic Age. I also like the way they both used bones for toys, which can be seen in the hands of the little girl : 3

Forgot little old Shaman lady~! No clothes for now but I liked the concept ^_^


Concept Art – Rudahan Creatures -Essylrui

Black Horn creature, it devours dead animals and people souls. Drops huge amount of soul shards.

Concept Art – Cael Chieftain Outfit -Essylrui

Concept Art – Character -Essylrui

Highpriestess – Khiara

What lies beneath.

Time passes and we all get older. Some people believe that with age comes wisdom, but that is simply ignorant thinking. Wisdom is not something one gains without making a conscious effort to do so. Knowledge is very much the same in that regard. You must seek knowledge in order to find it. They say knowledge is power, but is it? Does knowing how to kill your opponent make it so? No. Only knowledge that is applied correctly gives power, to forget this is an amateur mistake. Knowing how to kill ones enemies and thus striking at their weak points, that is how one conquers an enemy.

I may not be considered ‘young’ anymore, but if I was, how would I carry such information as I do. Parents can only teach you so much and no one person is the same, so we learn new tips and tricks to suit us. The ritual may be the same over and over, but the one who performs it changes. Currently that person, that Priestess if you will, is me. I, like so many before me, was brought up learning these things from my parents, being groomed to perform the ancient rituals of the ‘Forsworn’. At least, that’s what the Nords call us.

We are seen as ‘savages’ and I will agree to an extent, many of our kind are erratic and uncoordinated, but not our clan. We have taken the time to study the faults of our brethren and made a conscious effort to better ourselves. Not that it seems to matter to anyone but us, I still take pride in our progress and with time, perhaps the others might see that if they just took a few moments to get organized, they might bear more fruit in this fight. We might yet see the day that the reach is once again ours.

It pains me to see my comrades fall, our clan or no, so I have learned to take great pride in my abilities as a Priestess. A single error could make for very unpleasant side effects, some of which might include death. I am, however, confident in my abilities and rightly so, I have been making my offering rituals to the Old Gods for years and I have learned much. Even though I feel there is a better way to gain strength than creating our Briarhearts, I fear it is still beyond my grasp to find an answer. My search cannot last forever though, my magic will one day dwindle into nothingness and I will have to hand over the torch to a new Priestess. I can only regain my youth so many times before time will inevitably take its toll on me, but for now I serve Cael and retain my position here, ever hopeful that one day our struggle against the Nords comes to a satisfying close.


Concept Art – Environmental Concepts -Maki


Concept Art – Cael Outfits -Ashleigh

Concept Art – Tribal Outfits – Kaylee

Concept Art – Character Concepts -Maki

The pyromanic mage apprentice :’D

Sila, apparentice to the Shaman and a talanted mage, was young when she lost her parents to a raid but it hasn’t dampered her view on life and is eager to take on it’s oppertunities: like making the next new spell with a BOOOM!

Just remember kids:

Don’t do stupid!


The very two first sketches of Sila

I had no plans on doing any voice acting but I thought it was the best way to describe Sila.

More messy sketches! : ‘D