With the Forbidden Love mod announced, people are lining up at the chance to woo and be wooed by Forsworn Chief Cael. But how much do we know about the Forsworn as a clan? The Forsworn are a people of varying image. While some see them as the wronged natives of the Reach, others see them as cold blooded killers. This article will help shed a little light on the mystery known as the Forsworn as well as provide some fun facts on the “Mad Men of the Reach.”

To better understand the present-day Forsworn, let’s take a look at their history. Long ago, a child was born in an area of the Reach known as Sundred Hills, who was prophesied to be both a great warrior and ruler of man. This child was named Faolan, or Red Eagle, and grew up to fulfill the prophecy. He went on to unite the ten kings of the Reach. Red Eagle’s reign was a successful one until Empress Hestra of Cyrodil invaded and forced the kings into submission. Those who did not submit were brutally murdered along with their followers.

Red Eagle, being the unyielding warrior he was, refused to submit and was cast out by the elders as a result. Throughout the years, he gathered Reachman who remained fiercely loyal to the old ways to fight Hestra with stealth and raids. Unfortunately, the Empire’s attacks seemed to be endless. It was only a matter of time before Faolan’s numbers began to diminish. He was soon approached by a Hagraven who offered him power for a price: the price of his heart; to become a spirit of vengeance, wielding the power to slay the Imperial soldiers. This ritual would continue into present day Skyrim and can be witnessed at Bard’s Leap Summit

With his newfound power, Red Eagle went on to slay Hestra and her soldiers before succumbing to his own wounds. Before his men buried him. Red Eagle presented his sword and swore an oath to them. When all the Reach was free from foreign rule, he would rise and lead his people once again.

Many people assume Forsworn to be savage berserkers, but they have proven to be masters of espionage and covert operations, as seen in the missions “The Forsworn Conspiracy,” and “No One Escapes Cidhna Mine.” Stealth is only one of their methods; the other being guerilla warfare aimed to instill as much fear as possible into their enemies. These tactics are all used in order to reach their goal of driving all Nords and Imperials from the Reach.

Religion is also a matter of great importance to the Forsworn. They worship deities referred to as “The Old Gods,” whom scholars believe may be a mix of Aedra and Daedra princes. Two notable ones being Azura and Hircine. As mentioned in the article, “Skyrim’s Witches,” https://skyrimromance.com/skyrims-witches, Hagravens are seen as Shaman within the ranks of the Forsworn. When you encounter any Forsworn camp, you are sure to see at least one Hagraven fighting alongside them.

The Forsworn people are a dedicated people, both to their cause and their land. Only a few non-Bretons have come in contact and lived to tell the tale. Imperial scholar Arrianus Arius being one of those people (when writing the book The “Madman” of the Reach). Another is Madanach, King of the Forsworn, whom you meet as the Dragonborn. From the two differing encounters, the messages are always the same: in Madanach’s words, they are criminals in their own land.

With many Forsworn operatives hiding inside of Markarth, and after the events of Cidhna Mine, one may theorize that the Forsworn may be ready to attack once more. With the civil war between Ulfric Stormcloak and the Imperials already dividing the land, could the time to retake the Reach finally be upon the Forsworn?

Written by: Dani

Edited by: Mulsanne Blue

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