“No more waiting! I’m going to have you here and now!”

I didn’t have time to say anything when his lips roughly – almost violently – were on mine. He squeezed me against him, invading me with his tongue. He nibbled my lower lip, leaving me out of breath against him. His hands then started to remove my armor. I wanted to tell him to stop, I wanted to escape, but gods, this ranger had swept me off my feet with just one passionate kiss.

“Bishop, wait…!” I panted.

“Not happening, princess, you’re mine”, he snarled. Again he pushed his lips on mine, roughly and clearly wanting to sap my sense away. And by the all divines and daedric lords, he did it so bloody well!

Before I could realize it, the bitter wind was sweeping across my naked skin, then I was lying on the ground, Bishop’s body imprisoning me against it. His eyes glared at me, their amber hue full of uncontrolled frenzy. He smirked widely, showing his canines. He looked like a wolf, ready to eat the prey he had caught. He opened me up with his fingers, leaving me completely defeated, my defenses broken and lying on the ground million miles away. His eyes flickered as if telling me there was no going back anymore.

He thrusted deep. I moaned and gasped as I felt the flash of pain but then the absolute pleasure followed. He was gentle and rough at the same time. While he pushed himself deeper in me, looking me in the eyes, but as I stared into his, I could see something flaring deep inside him. Love? Affection? Even if he was this wolf without a pack, he was a man that had a good heart. I knew it, I had always known. He had his high stone walls, but behind them was a man… a man with ferocious ability to love and care.

“Bishop…”, I moaned.

“Mmm, feeling naughty are we?” he smirked.

I then realized what my lower body was doing. I pressed against his movements and I moaned. I felt his steel hard manhood throbbing inside me, hot like lava. I gasped as he thrusted deeper and faster. My arms wrapped around his wide shoulders. His lips conquered mine in a violent manner, his tongue relentlessly attacking mine till I submitted completely to his embrace.

Gentle, passionate, bittersweet. Something I had yearned for, something I had denied as hard as I could. Everytime I glanced at his gleaming amber eyes, I felt myself drawn to them. Closer and closer till I could not pull myself back anymore. He captured my whole being with his rough wild wolf like character. Was he the one I had been searching for all this time? This…. savage wild beast of a man? I lifted my hands and pressed them on his cheeks.

“Bishop… don’t stop.” I moaned pressing myself against him.

“I wasn’t going to, princess”, he snarled, sounding almost gentle and then he nibbled my lips with his teeth. I gasped.

His hands pulled me closer to him, I felt his movements becoming faster with each passing moment. Gods, I was on the edge of Oblivion and I wanted to jump in the hot, exploding pools of fire.

“Bishop…”, I gasped. I closed my eyes and tried to bit my lips so that I would not scream.

My whole being felt like it was on fire. Bishop’s hands pressed against my skin, sending billions of shocks of electricity to the very core of my being. His manhood moved roughly but gently. It was so wonderful! He was carving himself in me. I was his now. Every possible part of my being was being owned by him.

“You’re mine!” he growled. “I won’t let anyone else touch you!”

“Bishop…!” I cried out. I was ready to jump. I wanted to jump. I wanted to feel the fire in me explode into a show of fireworks that would leave me breathless against him.

He moved faster, growling and groaning, thrusting deeper and deeper. I screamed from the pleasure his moves gave to me. I was afraid I would attract wild beasts with my voice, but I trusted Bishop. I trusted him so completely I would have jumped down from the slopes of the Throat of the World if he had told me he could catch me before I hit the rocks below.

“Look at me”, he ordered. “Look at me!”

I opened my eyes, still pressing myself against his every move, moaning and gasping. His amber eyes flickered as if they were on fire. Like two campfires burning and devouring me.

“Bishop!” I cried out. “I…”

I stopped myself before the words escaped from my mouth. What on earth was I going to say? “I love you?” Foolish me! I would not let myself do that. He was not that kind of a man. He was a predator. A lonely wolf. He would not stay at one place too long. I too would probably be one of his “prizes” that he had conquered. Once my adventure was over, we would go on our separate ways… and that’s when my heart would be broken…

I cried out. Not sure if from pleasure or desperation. We had come so far together. We had been through so much together. He was there when I turned my head to scan the area, though I knew he had already done it for me. He was there in my dreams, in my nightmares. He was there at the very corner of my eye every time I felt like I was alone. I wanted him to stay with me.

His lips were on mine, this time gentle and passionate. I now noticed he wasn’t moving anymore. Just staying inside of me. He kissed me long, gently and almost lovingly. His fingers ran through my hair.

I felt tears filling my eyes. Bishop was a wolf, savage and possessive. But he was also a man with a heart he kept hidden. He could love. But maybe only himself… and I would be a fool if I let myself go any further than this. He would not love me. Only make love to me.

“Tonight I’ll find us a peaceful place and you’re not getting any sleep, got it?”, he whispered. I nodded.

He got up and threw my pieces of armor to me. “Get dressed, trolls are near. I can smell them.”

I felt unsatisfied. But the words about tonight… I knew he was not going to let me feel unsatisfied for very long.


We ran across the terrain. I wanted to avoid the giant camp nearby; the night was getting dark. And I could use some rest. Still, Rorikstead was not all that far. We could run there and have a rest at the inn. But then I remembered Bishop’s words. He would not let me rest…

“Princess!” Bishop called. I turned around and glanced at him with a question in my eyes.


“Let’s go have some fun”, he said, smirking and grinning widely. The word ‘fun’ had two meanings in it.

“Giants? I’d rather not go disturb them for nothing.”

“Yes, but the thing is, princess, no one would come here either. I still have that promise to fill.”


He took my hand and he started to walk towards the camp. There was no other option. I drew my weapon. The first giant fell down before the others could understand what was going on. Karnwyr attacked another and kept it on the ground while Bishop and I finished it off. Then it was the mammoths’ turn. They didn’t stand a chance. It was over before it even got started. Bishop was a beast with his bow.

“Come here you sexy woman!”

I stepped away, for some weird reason. But once Bishop had his eyes on his prey, he would not stop hunting until the prey was in his arms.

“Bishop, wait.”

“I told you earlier, I’m not waiting. It’s not going to happen! Come here!”

As hard as I could to escape his unrelenting chase, I was imprisoned by his amber eyes that were flickering in the light of the bonfire. His passion had changed into frenzy, his arms extended towards me. I wanted to jump into them, but at the same time I was afraid to do so. Would I let myself to make that leap? Would I be abandoned after I was completely consumed by this predator.

“Bishop, please…”

His hand grapped my wrist and I knew I could not escape anymore. The game of cat and mouse was over. He pulled me against his wide chest. I grunted as I met his hard muscles that now squeezed me. His lips were exploring my bare skin where ever it could be found.

“Mmm…”, Bishop sighed. “You taste of sweat and blood, it’s sexy.”

“S-shut up!” I gasped, trying to sound intimidating, failing absurdly.

“You talk too much”, he growled silently – I could feel his chest rumbling. “This time I’ll drown you in pleasure till we greet morning with our moaning.”

I could not find words for his claim. I opened my mouth but his was already waging an unrelenting war against it. He invaded my mouth with his tongue, touching mine and each time I felt fierce shocks of electricity going through my body. I surrendered. I couldn’t resist. In his relentless embrace I felt completely and utterly helpless. A prey he wanted to consume. Bite and devour piece by piece till I was completely his and only his.

He left me panting against his wide chest. I heard his loud heartbeats – like a battledrum giving rhythm to the marching troops.

“You are so beautiful”, he whispered. His fingers ran through my hair and I heard him inhale deep as he buried his nose in it.

“Do you say that to all the women you want to conquer?”

He kissed me again, just as relentlessly as before. I forgot about the question and I never found the answer. I didn’t need it. All I needed was Bishop. My desire… my passion… my love I could not deny.

His hands started to remove my armor and weapons. I did the same to him. We stood naked in the light of the bonfire. I loved how the light made the shadows dance on his muscular body. I sighed.

He pushed me on the grass and leaves, imprisoning me with his body against the ground. His amber eyes burned like the embers of the Skyforge. His manhood searched its way over my legs. I opened myself for him. I invited him in, but he still invaded me with a strong thrust that made me scream from pleasure. I pressed myself against him, wanting him deeper and deeper… he sped up each time he moved.

Our eyes were locked on each other, our moans and gasps filled the night air. He burned me, devoured me bit by bit till I was no longer on this world anymore. Again and again I was burned to ashes and was reborn from them. He consumed me over and over again in that bittersweet predatory manner. I knew I was nothing but a woman to him. Not a lover, not a loved one… he just wanted me. And I wanted him. To hells with anything else!

“Bishop…”, I whispered.

If there was a spell to make someone love me, I would use it on Bishop.

Morning crept over our heads. I was lying beside the ranger that slept soundly. For some reason I did not care. Every day could be our last. If I could spend it with Bishop, everything else was meaningless.

As gently as I tried to caress his cheek, he opened his eyes and stared into mine. My mouth was open as I had planned to say something atrocious. Something that could destroy… or remake…

“Mmm, my princess. My wild dragonslayer.”

“I belong to no one.”

I tried to get up up he imprisoned me against the ground with his heavy body. His eyes burned me as they narrowed to a glare.

“You are mine! Do I need to remind you of that again? Didn’t I carve deep enough? Does this…” he growled and his hand touched my womanhood, making me gasp, “need more permanent mark?”

“Stop it, Bishop.”

“You are mine, remember that.”

He got up and pulled me on my feet. We dressed and continued our journey.