Hello one and all! TyroScribe here.

I know it has been a while since I last spoke to the community at large about “Casavir Romance.” I have received many inquiries about its progress, ways people can help, and just general interest about the mod the last few months, and I am so appreciative of everyone’s feedback and support! They mean the world to me, and with that, I have an exciting announcement to make. Thanks to Mara and the SRM website, I will now have my own part of it to use as a personal website for the mod. That means that like SRM, CR now has its own site, including its own homepage! I am very excited and glad to have this, and it also means that it should give me a more viable and consistent means of communicating updates or any other announcements with you. I am always looking for more ways that I can keep you informed, and although I don’t like using Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, I never wish to keep the public in the dark, so hopefully this new site will help me stay in touch with everyone.

As for the features of the site, I will give you a brief idea of what you can expect to see. For starters, like I mentioned, it has its own homepage. I have a blog on there that I will use to make announcements, a progress bar that indicates how far along the mod is in development, and a slider with real, untouched screenshots from the mod. Up top, you will see navigation buttons that will take you to other areas of the site, including one that says “Casavir Chronicles.” To those who are unfamiliar with what that is, before I began CR, I had a fan fiction like many of the other talented members we have here do. Writing is my actual forte, and I wanted to use my site to help enable people to read the chapters of it I have written. It is written from Casavir’s perspective and some of it does differ from the content in the CR mod since it is more tailored to a personal experience between him and my Dragonborn, Raina. Nevertheless, I hope it still proves to be an enjoyable read and when I write more chapters, I will update that page to include them.

In closing, I want to thank everyone again for their support and I am pleased to bring you this website. I encourage you all to browse through it and keep checking back over time for more information on CR or anything else I wish to talk to you about. With that said, please allow me and Casavir to wish you a marvelous day or evening depending on where you are. 😀 Goodbye for now!

Link to the CR site homepage: https://skyrimromance.com/casavir-romance/