Our dear friend, Christian Gaughf has published his first book. The first in a series of novellas called Black Hearts. The are now available on amazon. Join a young witch on his journeys through a dystopian world as he hunts for creatures known as the Hidden.

In a distant dystopian world, where humans, giants, Yakshi, and Wiccan, live in constant conflict with a species of creatures known as the Hidden, one young, bizarre witch journeys the lands, hunting for the blood of the Hidden with complete disregard of the horrors that lie before him.

While on his long and burdensome trek, he encounters death, destruction, destitution, and disease brought on by intolerance, negligence and desperation of those around him. Will this young witch be a savior of the people who have fallen into despair, will he turn his back and let the atrocities happen, or will he be the cause of their demise?

Hello, friends, fans, and family. This is Christian saying thank you for all of the support and positive feedback. I certainly hope that you enjoy my book as much as you enjoy my voice work. Check back to later as I am already planning an audio book for it. Please enjoy, and spread the word if you do.


Here is a link to the kindle version. CLICK HERE

Here is a link to the Amazon version. CLICK HERE