Greetings to our community that covers all parts of the globe, all so beautiful and grand. Today we all have a special person to celebrate and cheer on. He is the voice that many have fallen for and felt irritated by, that we have all spent hours listening to. So much emotion was invoked into our favorite ranger, Bishop, all because of the man we praise today.

River, Bishop’s voice actor, is a friendly and charming man, who has made us laugh and smile. So sweet and kind, he seems barely anything like Bishop, but he is what brought us all here.

River, wherever you go, wherever your voice actor adventures take you, the projects you take on, we are cheering you on. We wish you the best of luck in your trials and we will admire your every step to success. Happy Birthday, River, thank you for gifted us with your voice and kind personality.


The Skyrim Romance Community


Article & Cover Art by Eboni

Edited by Mara & Archangel