A review by DeskiEs on Forbidden Love’s elk mounts

Typically, when you think of the vanilla elk, you probably think of the blundering, ridiculous creatures that honestly look more like a moose than an elk in Skyrim. I mean, come on Bethesda! That’s the best you could do?

But we’re not here to discuss the awfulness of vanilla Skyrim or Todd Howard memes today! It’s Forbidden Love that we’re all here to talk about. With the new romance mod well in the works, everyone knows that there are supposed to be some awesome new features added. One of those many features is the very special mount that you will acquire within this mod: your very own elk!

The new elk added in the mod will be a custom model made from scratch and put together by our amazing designers and modelers; Heku, Jboyd, Mara, Rain, and Zira. So far, the motions are nearly flawless. They look majestic and far from the abnormal jerkiness one may be accustomed to with modded mounts. That being said, they are based off of the same animations you would get with a horse, but the designs of the elk fit them perfectly.

It’s not just the mesh that’s been added to these mounts. Now, not only will your elk be much quicker than your normal steed, but they will also have new combat abilities, such as being able to ram your enemies with the elk’s antlers. Many other variations and features will also be included, so if the one you see is not to your liking, don’t worry! They will be adding different variations of the elk, including new patterns and paints for the fur and even custom designed armors for your mounts.

Now, after reviewing and taking a look at the elk, I personally would like to see an option for adding and customizing accessories onto this new mount. Having the ability to add different accessories to the antlers (currently, the elk have feathers tied to them), to the neck, to the saddle, as well to the armor, would be a great addition! I really just want to decorate mine in a bunch of flowers.

All in all, I am very excited about the new mounts and system they plan to implement them in. It seems that this will become a favorite mount for everyone. A mod worth downloading to get your hands on both the man of your dreams and what will soon be the mount of your dreams!