Hello, fellow members of the SRM community! We are calling upon some of the talented members of the community to help us in the development of the Forbidden Love mod! We currently have a vast amount of people on the team as a whole, but there are some areas that need a few more skilled hands.

We are in need of new concept artists, 3D modelers, and texture artists so that we can make more progress on the mod. We welcome everyone who wants to give it a try, but are especially looking for passionate and serious candidates. Every contribution greatly benefits the team, no matter how big or small.

This post is also a shout-out to any previous Skyrim Romance artists or modelers that would like to join the Forbidden Love concept art team! We appreciate all the hard work you have done for us and would love to have you back! We currently have a discord that is open for all of these roles. We work together as a group to critique and discuss current projects, providing suggestions for projects that might need some tweaking, among other things. It’s not only a place of creativity, but a great place to learn new techniques from other talented artists and 3D modelers.

Please contact one of the art directors of the FL mod, Rain, with your request to join the team! Label the topic of the email with Forbidden Love and also indicate whichever position for which you would like to apply! Also, please include a link to your portfolio and/or put screenshots of your previous works within the email. Rain will provide further details to you.

Rain’s email is:





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