The time has come!

The 2.1 update is still being made but our month of panel reveals is over and with it comes the STUNNING trailer created by our very own @iris!

But first we have the subject of the latest and last panel. A very rum-addled pirate and a very exasperated Bishop!

Solitude, what a place those docks must be when the drunken sailors are trying to get back to their boats. If only you actually saw them.
This pirate encounter can not only be seen but helped, with a hat better than any bard’s and a stomach for bad ale stronger than any Nord!
Not all is as it seems with this hilariously voiced Redguard encounter, but that is for you and Bishop to find out.

Much alcohol will be involved,  but I wonder what it results in…

As with all the encounters from 2.1, Bishop will have a new and unique 3-choice dialogue conversation with you after each of them!


And now for the trailer. It needs no introduction as it is an introduction itself! I recorded the footage and after that… magic was performed!